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DIY: Fall Garland with Pictures

Learn how to make a fun fall garland with all your favorite memories!

DIY fall garland ideas

I just made this awesome garland for my apartment! I needed some more fall inspired accessories around the house, so last Sunday I went pumpkin hunting and made these guys. I also wanted to create a garland for the living room so badly, something with leafs and autumn colors.

While I was making the garland I had the idea of adding pictures on the leaves to make it special and intimate. I added some memories from past holidays with my family and friends, pictures make everything happier, I love having them around the house.

DIY fall garland ideas

Wouldn’t you love to make one?


  • Felt $ 0.30 cents per piece ( I used 4 sheets)
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Pictures

DIY fall garland ideas

Project cost: $ 1.20 Dollars

Any kind of thread should work perfectly, you don’t need any fancy scissors or needles either. I used what I already had at home.

I printed the pictures on normal printing paper.

DIY fall garland ideas


1. Draw the shape of a leaf. This will help you as template.

2. Cut leaves from the felt sheets, using your template to measure them.

3. Choose a couple of leaves and cut an oval out of them, then set them aside. See picture #3

4. Start sewing the leaves together except the ones that you set aside in step #3

5. Now it’s time to use the special leafs. Glue the leaves you set aside in step 3 on the garland leaving an open space so you can add the pictures later.

6. Add the pictures.

7. Hang the garland and enjoy!

DIY fall garland ideas

DIY fall garland ideas

Hang your favorite memories around the house and give your home that cozy feeling that fall inspires! This idea would be great for Thanksgiving dinner.

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Drink lots of pumpkin spice lattes. – Xo, Elba.

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    I mean gorgeous.. you such a creative soul.

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