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DIY: Fall Nails with Trees

Fall Nails tutorial

Now last but not least for this creative week I have a project for YOU, not your house. After a week of DIY projects, I felt that I was neglecting myself a little bit so I sat down and I did my nails with a gold shimmering tone named 485 Golden-I from Sally Hansen. It was pretty.

So I started thinking, how could I make them look more like fall. I have always loved trees. I’ve made a lot of designs inspired by trees because I love the organic shapes and I love making dots that look like leaves, so i decided to try them out on my nails and it totally worked!

Fall Nails tutorial


  • A gold tone nail polish to use as a base. Any light color would work.
  • Dark brown nail polish with skinny brush. Any dark color would work.
  • Orange nail polish. Or green, purple, yellow.
  • A toothpick.

I would say that I spent approximately $12 dollar on all these nail polishes, but since I already had them at home, this particular project was kind of free. I would suggest you to look through your drawers and see what colors you already have. Browns, oranges, greens, purples and yellows work perfectly.

Fall Nails tutorial


  1. Paint your nails using a light color as a base.

  2. Draw some branches using a skinny brush. Don’t let the nail polish drip, soak it and then clean the brush a bit before you start making the branches. Make as many branches as you want. I started making a big line and then 3 small ones.

  3. Drop a little bit of nail polish in a piece of paper and use the toothpick to make the dots over the branches.

  4. Let them dry and enjoy them this fall! you can apply a layer of glossy protector after they dry.

Fall Nails tutorial

Fall Nails tutorial

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Do you follow nail color trends? I love matching my nails with the season. – Xo, Elba

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  1. Very cute and totally doable.

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