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DIY: Free Printable for the Day of the Dead

Altar de Dia de Muertos

The day after Halloween, lots of people in Mexico and other places make an altar in their houses for the day of the dead. We celebrate the lives of the people we have loved and lost, it’s one of my favorite traditions. I’ve always enjoyed making the altar with my family, making punched paper and putting flowers, candles, candy skulls and special things together while we share stories and look at old pictures.

Yesterday I sat down and doodled a little something I wanted to make for the altar this year.

Altar de Dia de Muertos

Cost of the project: $ FREE and some printing paper.

That picture frame will definitely add a special touch to my day do the dead altar this year.

I am planning to decorate a corner of my apartment using a small table and covering it with punched paper. I will put some flowers, candles and food on my dead of the dead altar. I hope I can find some candy skulls around town as well.

Please download the PDF and print the frames for your altar too. If the day of the dead isn’t really your thing, you can use the frames for any other creative project, they are colorful and happy, perfect for almost anything, right?

Day of the Dead Printable Here: Dia de Muertos Printable

Altar de Dia de Muertos


*Please only use these frames for personal use. Thanks.

If you want to learn how to make punched paper:

DIY: How to Make Punched Paper / DIY: Easy Punched Paper

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What are you doing for your day of the dead altar this year?  Xo, Elba

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  1. Mrs. ShuGar says:

    I absolutely love this!!! You are so talented, amiga. I’m going to share this on my fb page. I love celebrating the day of the dead. Hugs!

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