DIY: How to Make Cempasúchil Paper Flowers

Cómo Hacer Flores Cempasúchil de Papel

So yesterday I went shopping for material for my Day of the Dead Altar, a tradition that I used to celebrate in Mexico with my family and that brings great memories from home, I just love it. I went to two different latino local markets but i couldn’t find cempasúchil flowers.

Why do we use cempasúchil for the Day of the Dead Altars? The legend says that since cempasúchil has a bright orange tone, this helps the dead find their way back to earth, its also pretty abundant in Mexico during this season which makes it popular. If you know more about this topic, leave us a comment below 🙂

So I was a bit sad, but since I wanted a little bit of orange for my altar I decided to make my own cempasúchil flowers using tissue paper leftovers from the punched paper.

If you don’t celebrate this tradition, believe me, this tutorial can be used with others crafts, they are flowers made out of paper, super easy, I promise. Paper flowers are always cute!

Cómo Hacer Flores Cempasúchil de Papel


  • Tissue Paper
  • Craft Wire
    or thread (Something to keep the flowers together)
  • Scissors

Cómo Hacer Flores Cempasúchil de Papel


  1. Fold the tissue paper. On these strips you need to make some cuts. Something that looks like a hawaiian skirt.

  2. Open the cut paper and start overlapping. Go round and round until you close the flower.

  3. Use the Wire to tie the paper.

  4. Yay! You just made something that looks like cempasúchil flowers or just Flowers!

I hope you enjoy! Heres is my altar. – Xo, Elba

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