Killer Color Combo: Orange and Blue

Killer Color Combo: Orange and Blue

Ok guys, this is new on the blog and my heart is pumping a little bit. I’m not what you will consider a fashion expert, in case you see the pictures and think that I’m just being silly. I’m more like a girly girl that loves colored pencils and bright pink shoes. I also love my handmade backpack made in Oaxaca, Mexico where I can fit my doodling notebook and favorite markers as much as any designer handbag. Sometimes I wear comfortable things and other times I try to be “trendy” and wear high heels all day long. I can be both, I guess, I enjoy fashion magazines but I also spend my mornings reading about crafts from around the world. It’s the color that really defines my style.

I have been asking a lot about how to match colors in outfits so I thought that sharing the color combinations that I personally wear would be a great way to inspire, not only my readers, but myself too because it will really push me to try amazing colorful clothes and interesting color combos, oh yes, my job is very hard.

Killer Color Combo: Orange and Blue

So Saturday morning I drove to a pretty spot in the bay area. It was such a beautiful day, warm and sunny. I discovered how hard it is to walk on a pier with high heels and that people look at you funny when you are trying to pose creatively in the middle of a park while your husband does his best to act like a photographer. Nine out of ten of the pictures didn’t include my head or my feet, but hey, I loved that he helped me!

Something I realized after a couple of shoots was that when Jordan asked me to make scary faces is when I started feeling comfortable. I’m just a bit weird and I love making Sméagol faces for some reason, yeah, like The Lord of the Rings, that is what I am referring to.

Killer Color Combo: Orange and Blue

Killer Color Combo: Orange and Blue

So here is how awesome an orange shirt looks with navy blue accessories. I also added some neutrals to the look, a long semi-transparent black skirt and white shoes.

If there is something I love as much as color, it’s really big accessories, the bigger the better! These ones are two of my favorite necklaces. I found them in a vintage store in Asheville NC, $1 per piece. That’s what I call a fashion score!

Killer Color Combo: Orange and Blue

Killer Combo Details:

Shirt (Color: Orange) H&M   / Skirt (Color: Black) Charlotte Russe  / Shoes (Color: White) NineWest / Necklaces (Colors: White and Blue) Vintage / Handbag (Color: Blue) Olivia & Joy / Favorite Lipstick (Color: Red) Clinique

What do you think? What would you match an orange shirt with? – Xo, Elba

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  1. corlie says:

    Loooooove!! Parallel lives again Elba 🙂 Pete and my wedding anniversary is this coming Sunday, and for the wedding day we used all orange and red decor, to go with the vast vast deep blue African sky of the Cederberg. I think it is one of the best colour combos in the world!
    Oh, and of course Pete has orange hair and blue eyes 😉

    • Oh I love the way you described the blue African sky, so jealous, and the red hair- blue eyes ha ha so cute! Orange and blue are great together, I really love this combo. Have fun!!

  2. janika R says:

    This looks playful and super fun. we can get to more of your styling and colorful tips here. Great post dear.


  3. Rena says:

    Your husband did a good job, I like your pictures really because they are so full of life! And you look great with the orange skirt with the blue maxi skirt and the landscape behind you is fantastic <3

    And thank you for your nice comment on my blog – I checked immediately your blog with the result: I like it!

    I would like to follow you on gfc and/or bloglovin. It´ll be great if you come return to my blog to follow me – then I will follow you immediately back.

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  4. I think you look fantastic, Elba! Orange and blue is one of my fave color combos (also the colors of my alma mater).

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