Killer Color Combo: Purple and Red

Killer Color Combo: Red and Purple

Just after talking about Halloween color combinations, I realized that red and purple has something spooky about them, don’t you think? Well, it’s maybe all the bloody red decorations I have seen around and the purple colored lights that our neighbor used on their porch. Anyway, funny I didn’t think about that last weekend when I wore this killer color combo, I actually thought it was kind of cute and happy looking.

I used a purple patterned dress that I love because it’s super comfy with a red sweater and blue tights. I also added some brown accessories to harmonize the outfit. My favorite part was matching my nails with my dress, I used Purple Pizzazz Frost from NYC, that I actually bought because it matches that dress. I also loved matching my amazing handmade ring from an artist I found at LEAF with my sweater. The nails and ring looked great together!

Killer Color Combo: Red and Purple
Killer Color Combo: Red and Purple

Killer Color Combo: Red and Purple

Killer Combo Details:

Dress (Color: Purple) Urban Outfitters  / Sweater (Color: Red) Target  / Shoes (Color: Brown) NineWest / Ring (Color: Red) Handmade / Handbag (Color: Brown ) Sakroots / Nails (Color: Purple) NYC

Before I leave I’m gonna confess that I adore matching nails with dresses, it’s so much fun. Do you like matching your nails with your outfit too?  Xo, Elba

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  1. Mrs. ShuGar says:

    Girl, you look hot!!! Love the entire outfit and I think “killer” outfit is right. I am such a huge fan of colored tights. It can transform any outfit =) Hugs!

  2. onel says:

    The color combo is just perfect for the fall season too! And I love your statement ring!!! I think you hand looks good with big ring, just like the flower ring! 🙂

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