Why Do We Use Orange and Black for Halloween?

Why do we use orange and black for Halloween?

We totally need to have this chat since Halloween is just around the corner. Even if we use lots of colors for Halloween, orange and black are well known as the classic color combo for the holiday.

This duo has been used since the beginning of the tradition, burning unbleached beeswax candles on ceremonial caskets draped in black cloth was an important part of the celebration. As you see, orange was represented by the candles and black was the color on the cloth.

I’m sure that we continued using this color combo because we loved the mysterious and dark vibe behind the color black and we see lots of orange touches on leaves and the harvest during the season.

Fun Fact. Pumpkins cannot be the only reason why we used orange for Halloween. In the past other vegetables were carved during Halloween, one of the favorites was the turnip. Immigrants in North America changed the tradition a little bit when they started using the native pumpkins, that by the way were larger and easier to carve. So carving pumpkins for Halloween is a relatively new tradition that  didn’t become associated with Halloween until the mid-to-late 19th century. More Info here. 

Feng Shui also added an explanation about why orange and black are perfect for Halloween. Both colors are opposite energy spectrum, orange is lively and black is dark which makes them the perfect combo for this fun but mysterious tradition.

So, now you know a little bit about this spooky color combination. Are you wearing them this Halloween? – Xo, Elba

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    I love Halloween and orange happens to be my favorite color!! What a fantastic question to tackle.

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