Dirty Little Secrets

Dirty Little Secrets by Sarah Rosado

* Up, Up and Away / Bubble Gum Girl / Self Portrait

After a day of Halloween instagram pictures, my mind was full of so many clever ideas from around the world. To continue with the creativity, today I want to share something that you are going to love, but it’s not about any tradition or celebration, it’s about the possibilities behind everyday objects. This is the work of Sarah Rosado, an Illustrator and Photographer from New York. Sarah’s inspiration came from seeing others creating art using inanimate objects like food, flowers or tools. She decided to build shapes and personalize them with fun touches and accessories using dirt as a main ingredient, that’s how the name “Dirty Little Secrets” was born. I think the colorful accessories gives this pieces a little extra fun detail, don’t’ you think?

Dirty Little Secrets by Sarah Rosado

Sarah working in her piece named Roarrrrrr!  Pretty cool, right?

Dirty Little Secrets by Sarah Rosado

 It’s raining color!

Dirty Little Secrets by Sarah Rosado

* IMG 15 / Lost at sea / Ants

*Images Credit. Sarah Rosado

Don’t forget to visit her site here for more fun and dirty artwork. – Xo, Elba


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  1. Angélica says:

    Elba esos trabajos son realmente divertidos ,, adore ese paraguas

  2. Claudya says:

    Absolutely wonderful.

  3. Corlie says:

    Oh wow these are stunning!

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