Organizing Your Closet by Color

how to organize your closet by color

For the past two years I have been loving organizing my closet by category, separating shorts, skirts, blouses, jeans, dresses and jackets. I used to leave the big jackets and dresses to the side of the closet, leaving all the things I used a lot on the middle, jeans and blouses. I also used to share the closet with my husband, so this system was perfect for us. He did the same with his wardrobe, big jackets on one side,  jeans and t-shirts in the middle. We could reach our daily outfits easier, it worked well but didn’t look that pretty. Everything looked so tight and I ended up wearing the same black sweater all season because it was easier to reach and I also forgot that I owned others with color.

Lucky me, nowadays I have a closet for myself so I can play more and more with the organization that works for me. I actually think that for fall, when you need to match a couple of accessories with an outfit, pants, blouse, jacket, gloves, scarf,  organizing by color makes the search a lot easier and faster.

Things I discovered organizing my closet by color:

  • It’s so much easier to find a sweater that goes well with your outfit. I can finally stop wearing the same gray sweater over and over again just because it’s the only color that I remember I own.
  • Plan your color combination just by opening the closet. Today I just knew that I wanted something purple and yellow, this awesome match was just screaming, ‘wear me please!’ plus I knew that the purple skirt and scarf were clean just by scanning the closet in the purple section.
  • I found out what colors I love buying more and which ones I love but I don’t have in the closet. This is great for my next stop at the mall, this time I’ll know exactly what colors I should buy to make my style more dynamic.
  • Looking at all those colors in your closet makes you happy. Simple as that. Don’t you agree?

how to organize your closet by color

How i did it:

1. I took everything out of the closet and put it on the bed so I can see exactly what I had.

how to organize your closet by color

2. I started adding pieces, choosing blacks first, then whites, grays and browns. All the pieces I considered neutrals, that I can wear them with everything.

3. After separating neutrals, I started adding some color splashes. I started with purple and blue, and threw in my jeans, I actually love this because they ended up on the middle of the closet

4.Then I added green, turquoise (I own many pieces), red, pink, orange and yellow.

how to organize your closet by color

After I finished with the clothes, I did the same with the shoes, handbags and jewelry to stay consistent with the system. This new organization is helping me find the perfect color combinations easily, plus the closet looks prettier than ever.

how to organize your closet by color

I discovered how many leaf green pieces i own, i didn’t expect that at all. I guess I should stop buying green and get more pink and yellow.

Give it a try and let me know, what benefits did you find organizing your closet by color? Or do you prefer organizing by category?

27 Responses

  1. Angélica says:

    Hola Elba yo poco organizo por color,, pero es una muy buena idea ya que a veces estoy horar y horas para encontrar algo

  2. onel says:

    I should start organizing my clothes by colors like this, they look so great! Up to now, I organized my clothes based on types (shirt, blouse or dress) and pattern (plain, lines or polkadots) so they are a bit jumble up in colors 😉

  3. Janika says:

    Your closet is really colorful. Lovely Idea. I must try this.


  4. I’ve tried organizing my closet by season and by color. Organizing by color looks really great. What I do now, though, is just organize by wear. Stuff I want to wear in the front, and stuff I’ve already worn in the back.

  5. Carol Hardin says:

    Really separating stuff is a grate idea to stay organised. I would love to incorporate this idea for my closet too. As I am planning to organise my home for winter season and I am glad that I have got these brilliant tips.

  6. This arrangement looks pretty enough to have on display, great for anyone using freestanding rails or open fronted cabinets. I do a little of each; I put all of my tops together, and all of my dresses together, then I colour coordinate each section. I have my jeans on shelves but they are stacked in colour order too 🙂

    • Hi Emma!
      I used to have my jeans on shelves too. This winter I’m trying this new organization by color and I like having my jeans in the blue area, it is working well, I love it. I would maybe try something different next summer, let’s see how it works.
      Thanks for visiting the blog! Xo

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