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Hallmark Card Rewards

Anything that has some color on it has all my attention, that is why it’s no surprise that I love spending some time looking at greeting cards in stores, I enjoy all the designs and colors! And since I have been taking a surface pattern design class, I have been paying extra attention to these awesome little works of art, I dream about seeing my designs on those shelves one of these days. How cool would it be?

I also feel that Holiday cards are incredibly creative! I just found some that have lights and songs and lots and lots of joyful colors. What an inspiration.


If you are a greeting card lover like me, you are going to love the Hallmark Card Rewards program because you are not just going to have fun looking for cards this Holiday, but you will also be rewarded for it. The great thing is that you can buy Hallmark Cards at more than 30,000 grocery stores, drugstores and super centers across the U.S. which can be really handy, you don’t need to run to special stores or anything like that.

This is what you get: For every 5 Hallmark cards purchased you earn a reward which can be a gift card, discounts or dollars off, there are also special gifts from some Hallmark card rewards partners like Starbucks, Nike, Applebee’s and many others.

Hallmark Card Rewards

Check it out and sign up HERE. I did it yesterday morning and it took me 2 minutes, easy peasy.

I am also loving the easy way to being able to control my purchased cards and rewards by using the Hallmark Card Rewards mobile app.

To get the mobile app follow these steps:

1. Go to the App Store on your iPhone or Google play on your Android device and browse for the Hallmark Card Rewards.

2. Download the app, it’s free!

3. Sign in with the email and password you used to sign up. You can also Sign up directly from the app.

4. Start scanning the cards barcode that you will find on the back of your purchased Hallmark cards.

5. Wait to receive incredible surprises!

Hallmark Card Rewards

The rewards are only for individual cards and not for boxed greetings which is not a bad thing at all, you can choose special cards for everyone. I know for sure that my mom loves the cute and nostalgic ones and my husband loves the funny ones. I personally love both and I also like hanging them on the Christmas tree, the designs are so pretty, they deserve being displayed all month long! Don’t you agree? Don’t forget to look for the colorful ones. – Xo, Elba


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  1. Lorena says:

    Genial!! Voy a descargarme la app. Gracias por compartirlo guapa.

    • Hola Lorena!!
      Si dale una oportunidad, tiene muy buenas recompensas y como de todos modos yo compro muchas tarjetas para la Navidad, este programa es perfecto para mi. Un saludo!

  2. janika R says:

    Good luck for your design classes dear. I have some pics on IG. These cards look cool.

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