Color Me Pretty, What Are Your Eyes Saying This Holiday Season?

A few months ago I met Laura while we were waiting in the food line at the iFaboo Conference in San Francisco. We started talking about the conference and then about makeup, blogging, social media, all those things that bloggers and Youtubers talk about when they meet. After a while we discovered that the two  of us spoke Spanish and that we were both from Mexico ha ha, we had been talking for a while in English without realizing it, or maybe neither of us wanted to ask the other if she spoke Spanish. It was so funny.

Since the conference we have been wanting to do a project together and now with the Holiday parties around the corner, I thought, why not sharing some eye shadow colors and a tutorial that would be perfect for the season.

Ok, me first. This is my favorite way of doing my eye makeup for the Holidays. I like to apply a colored eyeshadow on the inside and a black eyeshadow on the outside and then mix them together using a blending brush, it’s a nice combination for a party. Something like the smoky eye, but a little more subtle. Here are the steps to follow:

Holiday Makeup Colors

  1. Apply black eyeshadow on the outside of the eyelid making a diagonal line and filling in that part of the eyelid.

  2. Apply the colored eyeshadow, I used blue, but whichever color you find fun and interesting will look great, and fill the inside of the eyelid.

  3. Use a blending brush and start mixing the two colors together. Keep mixing until the rigid lines are lost and the colors seem good and mixed . You can apply more black or color for a more intense effect.

  4. Apply some black eyeliner and mascara, and check out your hot self!

What do you think?

Tip: Making diagonal lines helps to apply the right amount of both colors and shades to create a uniform blur.

Materials: I Use a black eyeshadow from the Makeup Kit Dazzle from Victoria Secret. For blue, I really wanted to try Maybelline Color Tattoo and frankly, I’m not be impressed, the pigment is very soft, I had to apply a lot more than normal to get the effect I was looking for. You can use any shade you have at home to try it out.

Here are some colors that go great with the holiday season and also look great with faded black: Emerald, electric blue , violet, green forest.

Holiday Makeup Colors

P.S. These colors look a little extreme, this is mostly due to the photos and a bit of exaggeration on my part to show how awesome this colors can look, in practice you can go a bit more subtle. Keep mixing until the rigid lines are lost!

Some tips on how to use them:

  • If you dress in black or white you can use any color eyeshadow.
  • If you’re using a brown dress, switch the black eyeshadow for a chocolate brown and the eyeliner too.
  • You can always match the color of your dress with the eyeshadow. Green dress, green shade.
  • With a red dresses, I love to follow the same steps but with gold, bronze or a silver shade, depending on the accessories I’m wearing.

Now check out this awesome tutorial from Laura and some tips on how and what color makeup to wear during the holidays! (It’s in spanish, but you can still see how she applies the makeup) If you like that, there’s a lot more to love on her youtube channel and her tutorials are amazing.

Find Laura here: YOUTUBE / Twitter / Facebook / Instagram / Blog

Alright, your makeup is looking awesome, you’ve got that perfect outfit, one last thing to do, let us know what you chose! Comment below, we’d love to hear all about it.

Happy Holidays, and a very stylish New Year! Elba and Laura

10 Responses

  1. Sara Strauss says:

    Wow! Love this make up look! So dramatic and fun!

  2. Merrie says:

    Hey, Really cute eyeshadow idea! I’m such a makeup newbie that I need all the help I can get 🙂 Do you like Victoria Secrets makeup? Never tried it, but I love the prices.
    Keep in touch!
    Merrie @

  3. syama says:

    beautiful eyes.
    looking spooking good

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Personally trying to figure out how to wear green eyeshadow myself, without looking like I’m in junior high!

    • ha ha I love green eyeshadows, but I have to admit that I don’t wear them a lot, they are tricky. I do love wearing turquoise and emerald eyeliner, the effect it’s softer but fun, I love that.

  5. Kate Amunrud says:

    I’m not good enough with makeup to try this bold of a look… I could never get it even!

    • Hi Kate!!
      I discovered that the blender brush is key! before that, I couldn’t mix them together, it was always a disaster. But it’s also about practice, I started with really soft colors, and then adding bolder and brighter shades.

      You should give it a try, it can be fun! I also love colorful eyeliners, and they are easier and faster.

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