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Make your Own Colorful Clay Ornaments

How to Make your Own Colorful Clay Ornaments

Last week I was having trouble deciding between making my own Christmas tree again or buying a natural one. Since I have been feeling a bit homesick, I knew that I needed something that reminded me home, so I went for the natural one. I am so happy about that! The apartment smells so good.

I knew that I needed something original to make the tree feel special. So I thought, hey, clay would be an amazing material for some colorful Christmas ornaments and oh boy, was I right!

How to Make your Own Colorful Clay Ornaments


  • Colorful clay
  • A cookie mold or something to cut shapes. I used a circular plastic cap and some clay tools I already had. If you want to cut lines, you can use a normal knife or exacto knife.
  • A stick or straw
  • Roller
  • Ribbon

How to Make your Own Colorful Clay Ornaments


  1. Mold the clay with your hands until it is soft and use a roller to flatten it until it looks uniform.
  2. Cut some shapes. I made some circles and abstract shapes because the yellow clay was really hard to mold. In the end I used all the leftover and mixed them together and made some cute heart ornaments. Don’t forget to add some holes to hang them up, I used a straw, but a stick or anything small and circular like that should do the trick.
  3. Bake them! (Read the instructions on the clay packaging for instructions of temperature and times)
  4. Add ribbon, hang them and love the pop of color!

How to Make your Own Colorful Clay Ornaments

Did you see that cute ornament that looks like my sweet poodle? Love it!

These were super easy to make, so I hope you give them a try. Personalize them as much as you want. I added some dots to some but I kind of like the simple ones.

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  1. you always make me do crafts, lol.

  2. Angel Y. says:

    These are super duper adorable Elba! You’re so talented.

  3. Mrs. ShuGar says:

    Everything you create I want to make! I wish I had your talent =)

  4. onel says:

    Simply cute! If I carve letters on top and bake them, would the letters still be intact?

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