Pastel Beach

Pastel City

Happy December friends! I’m back home after spending the weekend in Capitola, CA with the family. We had Thanksgiving dinner together, went for walks on the beach and had lovely chats around the fire, it was great being together again.

So I’m back and so excited about December projects. But before that, I needed to share with you these lovely rental houses from Capitola beach, the color palettes are sweet and inspiring. I am getting used to the pastel colors on facades around California, these colors look so good around the mountains or the beach.

Pastel City

I also love the colorful houses in Mexico city, the colors are a bit brighter and bolder, you will see more mandarin, emerald green, hot pink and yellow canary, those kinds of vivid colors.

Have you ever noticed the exterior colors of houses that surround your city. Are they neutrals, pastels, brights, earthy? It would be so interesting to see what others colors are predominant in the place you live.

Pastel City

Pastel City

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  1. Matthew Pike says:

    You should see some of the pastel coloured houses down in Brighton, East Sussex. So cool!

  2. Angel Y. says:

    There are lots of colorful houses here in Florida, especially in beach towns. These homes are gorgeous.

  3. There really is something so sweet and inspiring about gorgeously colored homes like this. We don’t have anything like this in New York City.

  4. I was recently in Puerto Rico and fell in love with all the colorful buildings lined up next to each other!! Really, it is a beautiful sight!! These are gorgeous!

  5. Mrs. ShuGar says:

    The colors in my neighborhood are more beachy & soft colors. Definitely nothing too bright, although I personally love pops of color. Those colors are so beautiful! Looks like a place I’d love to live. Happy to hear you had a restful break!

  6. Sara Strauss says:

    These pictures are so pretty! I love that these houses are so colorful!
    Sincerely, Sara

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