Say Goodbye to the Colors of 2013

The new year is around the corner, and with it, new color trends! I can’t wait to see all the new colors that will be influencing the products we’ll be buying in the 2014. I am imagining lots and lots of purple shades, like the recently announced Pantone Color of the Year 2014 “Radiant Orchid” and the elegant and chic “Exclusive Plum” that Sherwin Williams just introduced to us.

But before we start discovering all these new colors, let’s take a silent moment to say goodbye to those amazing colors that accompanied us in 2013. Oh the memories!

colors of the 2013

Fashion: Emerald green.

Are you going to miss all those beautiful dresses and jewelry pieces featuring the gorgeous color of the year 2013, Emerald? I have to admit that this color was my favorite “Pantone Color of the Year” ever. I loved everything about it. I’m planning on wearing it before 2013 ends, maybe for a New Years party (sniff sniff) I am going to miss this guy.

Home: Emerald, Lemon Sorbet, Aloe.

Besides the popularity of emerald green in paint colors and other home accessories, let’s not forget the influence of other loved paint colors like “Lemon Sorbet”, Benjamin Moore color of the year and “Aloe” the 2013 favorite color by Sherwin Williams.

Let’s say goodbye to the greens and welcome the purples. Are you excited about the new color trends of 2014? Are you going to miss the green trend?

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  1. COCOCOZY says:

    As much as I love 2013’s greens, I’m excited for all the purples!


  2. Mrs. ShuGar says:

    I am not a big green gal, but emerald is gorgeous. I didn’t really like any of the mint colors, but any dress in emerald or emerald jewelry is to die for! I am excited to see what the purple colors will have. I can imagine some adorable hats! Can’t wait to see it!

    • Emerald was gorgeous. I didn’t love the green shades for interiors, but I did love emerald dresses, jewelry and makeup. I believe that purple is going to be very commercial and wearable.

  3. Rosa Elvira Frias Mendoza says:

    Me gusto la combinación de colores ..voy a hacer algo cpn colores …me inspire !!

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