Sweet Pink Christmas

Disclosure: My eBay Collections were curated as part of my collaboration with eBay.

So here we are guys, it’s December!! It seems like the year went flying by again, we are about to say Hello to 2014, how exciting! And with the beginning of December, the beginning of Christmas decorations.

So I have been looking for ideas and collecting items I love for the holiday season this year. I’m super excited because it’s our first Christmas in California and we definitely need something special to celebrate. One of my favorite themed ideas is a Sweet Pink Christmas! The inspiration came from the pastel colors of facades I find everywhere around California, they are so adorable and inspire me so much.

Pink Christmas decorations

Pink Christmas Decorations I love:

1. Christmas ornament wreath with shades of pink and silver / 2. Hot pink glitter tulle ribbon. / 3. Pastel pink ornaments, so sweet. / 4. Sparkling pink Christmas tree. / 5. Hot pink ornaments. / 6. Pink Christmas garland, perfect for the entrance. / 7. Cute beaded garland. / 8. Metallic leaves.

While I was collecting, I started thinking about what was best, a pink Christmas tree or a natural Christmas tree. What do you think? The pink Christmas tree is definitely amazing but I’m a bit scare that the ornaments are going to get lost. Now, a natural Christmas tree would make the apartment smell so good! I can add pink christmas lights, pink spheres, crystals, feathers and a couple of special ornaments like these:

Pink Christmas decorations

I’m so proud of my collection “The cutest Christmas Ornaments” that I couldn’t stop myself from sharing it with you. They are great Christmas gift ideas, my mother in law loves them! And they also go perfectly with the sweet theme I’m going for.

What colors are you using for your Christmas decorations this year? What do you think, would you buy a pink christmas tree or would you go for a natural one with pink ornaments and lights?

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Pink Christmas decorations

Disclosure: My eBay Collections were curated as part of my collaboration with eBay. 

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  1. Rekita says:

    love that ornament wreath and the icecream ornaments!

  2. I love love love #1. So pretty.

    Stopping by from sits

  3. The pink tree looks totally adorable, and I really like the ice cream ornaments too. I didn’t even know ornaments came like this these days.

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  4. Alecia says:

    love these colorful decorations!

  5. migdalia ramos says:

    Hi where. Did u find those pastel pink ornaments?

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