What Does Your Brand’s Color Say About Your Business?

Color and Branding

Yesterday I came across  an interesting twitter chat about color and branding with #ColorChat. We discussed a little bit about what our brand colors say about our business. How are we using them to identify colors to solidify our brand’s place in the market, and even a bit about cultural differences and accessibility.

I believe that the color that we choose for our brand transmits a meaning and message without needing to say anything. The color is there, on the logo, packing, website and it’s talking about your business and brand all the time.

Have you ever thought about the meaning of the color you chose for your business? 

Color and Branding

Other things you should think about when choosing colors for your brand:

1. The meaning of a color can vary depending on culture, industry, context and other factors.
2. Accessibility is important. Not just choosing a great color, think about the shade and tint you use, make it readable and enjoyable. For example, even when you think that yellow represents your brand’s personality perfectly, try to use a nice shade of it that can be readable.
3. Some companies don’t use the common colors for their industry, they choose something completely different and it works. Think about Yahoo with their purple logo or T Mobile, using hot pink. That can be a tactic to stand out and be memorable.

Still skeptical? Here is an example about how color can change the way we feel about a product or brand. Imagine these brands using colors totally different, would you still feel attracted to a burger from a green McDonalds? Would you still find Tiffany boxes stylish and delicate if they were orange?

Color and Branding

Interesting Facts:

  • Most popular colors of the world’s top brands: blue, red, black or grays and yellow or gold.
  • Red and yellow are popular in the food industry. Blue in technology and health.

From the #ColorChat I saved these interesting links, I thought you might find them interesting:

10 Responses

  1. totally sharing this post, mine is pink and gold, so I guess I will use red as my brand color.

  2. Sara Strauss says:

    This is so interesting!! I think the color you pick for your blog or brand says a lot about what someone! I mostly use purple, blue and black with a bit of pink for my blog!

  3. Angel Y. says:

    I love color theory and learning more about how colors effect your brand/audience. This is a fantastic post!

  4. janika R says:

    Hey Elba…Love this new look of the website and the posts are colorful as always.


  5. Mrs. ShuGar says:

    I love your color discussions! I agree with the interpretations about what it means about your brand. Super important! I use red and blue a lot in my blog and i like the feel it has. I can’t imagine being anything but blue. So interesting! I love your new blog design, by the way. It’s so bright and happy =)

  6. Marianne says:

    thats a great exercise to use for comparison. it’s crazy how much color tells us about a brand or experience.

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