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A Breath of Fresh Air, Paint Color Trends 2014

Paint Color Trends 2014

When was the last time you disconnected yourself from the technology around you?

I was to the San Francisco Design Center ready to hear more about the color trends for 2014. The Benjamin Moore showroom was full and I was feeling so comfortable eating snacks and chatting with color lovers and designers from the area. Then they asked the question, “When was the last time you disconnected yourself from the technology around you?”, I just happened to be checking my twitter at the time, it was super funny.

Just after asking the question they started talking about how the Benjamin Moore color of the year 2014, Breath of Fresh Air 806, was inspired by the idea of forgetting the phones, screens and emails. Breath of Fresh Air is the perfect shade of blue that transmits calm and a deep connection to nature. In this chaotic and technology dependent era, we absolutely need more relaxing colors that help us disconnect from the stressful things in our everyday lives, something makes you come home and feel that sensation of an open space, the sky, the outdoors inside.

Paint Color Trends 2014

These 23 beautiful pastels are part of the Benjamin Moore color palette for the 2014 (Image below) The great thing about them, is that their simplicity and freshness lets them work perfect as neutrals. The longevity and timeless benefit of these shades is the key to loving them so much and I’m definitely saving them as one of my favorite color trends of all times. You know that they will look great in your home for years and years to come!

Paint Color Trends 2014

Would you use one of these colors in your home? Are you loving Benjamin Moore pastel trend?

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  1. xfallenmoon says:

    Love the baby blue. All the bedrooms in my house are painted that color. I find it so peaceful and relaxing.

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