DIY: Express your Love with an Ice Cube

Express your Love with an Ice Cube

Hi honey, are you thirsty?

Imagine surprising your loved one with a glass of water with a sweet note in it. What about an exciting question like: marry me? You would never expect that, huh?

I created these cute quotes to print and say how you feel in a fun and creative way.


Express your Love with an Ice Cube


1.Print the little notes. Download the PDF here: Valentine’s Day Little Notes

2.Cut your favorite little quotes.

3.Wrap them carefully with transparent tape. Try to wrap them up really well so the paper doesn’t get wet.

4.Place them in the ice cube tray. One tip, let them float at the top so they stick but stay dry.

5.Wait for a couple of hours and when your honey is home, ask him/her: are you thirsty? and BOOM! a cute note floating in the glass of water that will make them smile.

Express your Love with an Ice Cube

Have fun with this silly-adorable idea! Hope you like it!

Note: I don’t recommend drinking the water with the paper in it, just so you know 😉 

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  1. Sara Strauss says:

    This is a cute idea!! Adds some fun and color!

  2. how flipping adorable! I love this idea!

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