A Passion for Flowers

Gorgeous Flowers by Iris Creativeworks

Flowers never cease to amaze me. I usually go for a walk in the afternoon, some time between 5 and 6 pm, just before the sun goes down. I love seeing those last sunbeams hit the flowers in my neighborhood, for some reason, just at that time of day their colors shine brighter than ever.

Claire’s work is one of those that inspire others and reminds me of the incredible beauty I find in nature. Claire is an artist and photographer from Birmingham, England with an intense love for flower’s vivid colors and textures. She mentioned something that I loved, about finding inspiration in nature but also in people, those who go out to make a positive difference in the world, helping and encouraging others along the way.

“I am passionate about flowers – I grow them, I photograph them and try to surround myself with as many of them as possible throughout my daily life! They never fail to inspire me as each one is totally unique – the colours are what I love the most and I try to capture this through my (mostly) abstract images. I admire the stunning paintings of Georgia O’Keeffe, the bold and bright floral designs by Tricia Guild of Designers Guild and the beautiful horticultural stylings of the late writer and broadcaster Elspeth Thompson who could turn the most unpromising space into a paradise. I never get bored of the possibilities for creating well being through floral images – nature is a calming influence on the soul and what better than to bring the outside in by hanging a huge portrait of a flower on a wall in the house?” 

Gorgeous Flowers by Iris Creativeworks

Wouldn’t it be incredible to have a couple of these beautiful pictures hanging in your living room? How about your bedroom?

Visit her lovely website to find out more about her work: Iris Creativeworks.

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  1. Angel Y. says:

    The photographs included here are gorgeous! I love having flowers in my home and they always add that much needed pop of color. Thanks for sharing!

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