Color Lover App: InStyle’s What to Wear with Every Color

Color Lover App: What to Wear with every Color

Hey color lover, here is something you might find interesting. I just downloaded the app “InStyle’s What to Wear with Every Color” last Sunday while I was watching the depressing / horrifying The Walking Dead episode. Anybody into zombies? and color? Just after the episode ended, I started asking for hugs on Twitter and just between us, it was a bit difficult to get to sleep. Anyway, looking at some colorful splashes definitely made me feel better about the world.

What I didn’t like… I was expecting tons of pages with color inspiration and maybe some written tips. The app is just about 31 pages and it doesn’t’ have a lot of text, but just a little description of the designer and some inspiration behind the color palette. Like the little pictures in the magazine, (image above) all the pages looked like that.

What I did like… The color palettes are fantastic, really neat and bold. I also like that the app is simple and easy to understand. You can just flip through the pages, look for a color you love and see four other colors that would look great with it. These extra four colors are great for accessories: bags, shoes, handbags and jewelry.

I read some reviews that said that you can find better things on Pinterest, and I agree with that, at least you will find color inspiration coming from “normal people” and things you can find in affordable retail stores. If you don’t know exactly what to look for, the app is a great introduction for all those color possibilities you never would have imagined.

Do you know about any other color apps? Have you flipped through the InStyle color issue?

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  1. Merrie says:

    thanks for the review! I was about to download it, but feared that it was just the color excerpts from their magazine…sounds like I was right…it was a great idea though!

  2. Meghan Silva says:

    Love the clear review.. with so many apps we need people like you who are reviewing it and sharing the pro’s and con’s.

    Meg | Meghan Silva’s Blog

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