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Color your Home with Quirky Pillows

Quirky and Colorful Home Decor

Sometimes I dance in the middle of the street. I do it when I hear a reggaeton song in the distance or just because I imagine myself at one of those fun high school parties, wow, it seems like yesterday. Unfortunately, I often catch myself dancing like this and look around to see if anyone else has seen me. More often than not somebody is sitting there, smiling at me, and I can’t help but imagine how crazy they must think I am. Fortunately I almost always get so embarrassed I just can’t help but laugh.

I love feeling that way and surrounding myself with things, music, and people that make me smile. So at home I have a couple of toys on the shelves, knickknacks, alebrijes, flowers made out of colorful glass that look like candy and a couple of vintage boxes of barbies in the cabinets, my home has a bit of my childish and colorful personality. My most recent purchase was a pair of cushions with sunglasses, one for her and one for him, I love them! They add a touch of color and they make me smile.

I firmly believe that your home should be a representation of your own personality. So to all my readers who love fun and playful items, check out this pair of colorful and quirky cushions that you are going to love!

Quirky and Colorful Home Decor 1. Boston Terrier by Anne Was Here  // 2. Bianca Green For DENY Capture Great Moments Pillow // 3. I Like You by Gemma Correll // 4. Russian Dollz by Malobi // 5. Funny Thing Called Love Collection – Banana by Kayleigh Marie // 6. Conventional and convention cocktails (light) by Sharon Turner  // 7. T-Rex Origami Instructions Pillow by FinchandCotter // 8. Iscream / Sweet Treats Soft Serve and Sprinkles Microbead Pillow // 9. Funny Face by Jacob Giordano  

These cushions are the perfect touch of color for your living room and also fun and original. Which is your favorite?

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  1. Mrs. ShuGar says:

    Oh my gosh… I love the banana peel and the vintage camera. But, I adore the glasses pillow you got. So fun! I too love whimsy style myself, too. It keeps things fun and I do think house decor is reflective of who you are. Happy weekend, amiga!

  2. Sara Strauss says:

    These are so cute! I especially love the Russian Doll one!

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