I Can’t Wait for Color in the Gardens!

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1. Check out the paint color trends for 2014. A breath of fresh air, does that tell you something?

2. Have you ever thought about what colors you wore the most this winter? I made ​​my list and these are some of my favorites color combinations.

3. I went to San Francisco to look for inspiring interiors and look what I found: Trends, color and breathtaking interiors. 

4. Get some paint and brushes! A little story about insecurities, color and self-esteem.

5. I’m surprised with the ingenuity of marketers. The Colorful RGB Ikea billboard is one of those creative ones that you can’t miss!

I cut little pieces of ginger and put them to boil for a few minutes, after adding honey and lime, I poured the tea in one of my favorite coffee mugs. One of those that you buy when you go on vacation, with a family picture printed on the front, a bit cheesy but a nice thing to see in the morning. I love to see my nephews smiling on that cup of coffee, it is from two years ago, when we went to Carowinds and I spent half the time fearing that they would ask me to go with them on one of the scary roller coasters, not really my thing.

I cannot believe it has been almost 8 months since we moved to California, time flies. I realize that as I look at the cup and then out the window. The sun is shining and warm, so different from last March in North Carolina. I cannot help but imagine myself this time in 2013. Maybe wrapped in a big sweater and sitting writing in my mini desk. It was tiny, I remember, leaning against the window facing the neighbor’s house with the dog that hated Kyra, my little poodle. They used to bark at each other from the window, it was really funny.

All those memories make me smile and I start to think about all the other things that I miss about North Carolina. The changes of seasons is perhaps one of them, but boy, I am so happy feeling those warm sunbeams in the morning.

I cannot wait for my first spring in California. Pastel colors, delicate details, floral prints, walks in the park, new cushions on the couch and a dream of the perfect color for the living room…

Are you dreaming about spring and all the possibilities?

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  1. Mrs. ShuGar says:

    Wow! I didn’t know you are a newbie to California. Spring is beautiful and you will love it. We are not big on seasons here, but you cherish the tiny changes that do come. I can’t wait to start seeing the fashion changing.

    • Yes, I moved here like 9 month ago 😉 I’m currently loving the green mountains and although the seasonal changes are tiny, the weather is always nice and I love that.

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