Killer Color Combo: Forest Green and Navy Blue

Color Combo: Forest Green Navy Blue

Who doesn’t love to feel that emotion when suddenly behind boxes and shoes, you find a skirt that you haven’t seen and completely forgot existed? Meeee!

I bought this skirt last year, just about the time of year when the weather was getting warmer. It’s weaved but it has a spring feeling and the colors are very pretty.

Color Combo: Forest Green Navy Blue

I just wore it a couple of times before we moved to California and I completely forgot it was here, until last Saturday that I decided to clean out the closet. Honestly, I almost always fail at Spring cleaning, but this year I was determined. I took everything out of the closet and made two piles, one with everything I love and can’t live without and another pile of anything I haven’t used in over a year. Then it happened, yet again, the pile of things I haven’t used was just too small, it wasn’t really worth it, so back to the closet everything went, and my super Spring closet clean was over and failed, like it never even happened. But, on the bright side, I found this skirt and an eggplant tone sweater that I thought I had lost.

Color Combo: Forest Green Navy Blue


It was one of these pictures, that made me fall in love with this color combination: green forest, navy blue and hot pink. The earrings are from Mexico city and they are my favorites! Any kind of artisan jewelry fascinates me.

Color Combo: Forest Green Navy Blue

Killer Combo Details:

Blouse (Color: Green) Mine / Skirt (Color: Navy/Green/Pink) Urban Outfitters / Shoes (Color: Camel) Andrea (México) / Lipstick (Color: Pink) Maybelline

What new color palette are you are loving? Would you wear green and navy blue together?

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  1. Mrs. ShuGar says:

    Hermosa! What a beautiful woman you are! I love that feeling of discovering something “new” in the closet. Makes me feel like I shopped for free! I really like this color palette. Like I just posted, I am a fan of pink this spring and I never really have been. I think it will look nice with my skin tone. Btw, where were you in these pics? So nice!

  2. Mo says:

    Green and navy is a great color combo and I’m glad you found the skirt because it looks great on you. 🙂 I’m beginning to like black and brown together.

    • I’m happy I found the skirt too!! and in a perfect time 😉 I wear black and brown from time to time, especially black leggings and brown shoes or vice versa.

  3. chelsea says:

    cute cute! I love interesting color combos – this one reminds of me of of the 60s, in a most excellent way 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:

    My granddaughter had chosen dark forest green & navy blue for her wedding colors. I plan to make her a quilt using those colors. What do you think?

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