Once Upon a Time, Color was Banned …

I walk down the street looking all around, there is some brown, gray and other earth tones on the walls, some green in the gardens and some spots of purple flowers in the neighbor’s yard. How would the world be if color was banned? Have you ever thought about that?

I came across the video of the Dulux campaign ‘Prohibition’ The story of a woman living in a world where the color has been banned and the dramatic way in which color returns to everyone’s life.

The campaign not only earns points for the amazing production and creativity, but the message leaves an important mark. The emotional power of color attributed to the idea that certainly, color can change our stories.

After watching the video, I took the camera and went for a walk. I took Kyra, my dog, ​​for her usual walk, we passed nearby parks and greeted unfamiliar faces. We stopped to take photos of the neighboring apartments, the traffic signs, the playground, in short, what we see every day.

If my world did not have color it would be something like this …. 

A World with No Color

A World with No Color

A World with No Color

A World with No Color

Have you ever imagine your world without color, what would that be like? What do you think about the video?

Kyra says she really doesn’t care if the world had no color, in short, she just can see many fewer colors than humans do. Poor Kyra, and yes, I have full length conversations with my dog.

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  1. Corlie says:

    Colour is much much better! I don’t like winter just because it’s gray all the time, if that was the norm I would go mad.
    Love that you used the little pencil baggie photo 😉

  2. Sara Strauss says:

    Wow! I loved that video and your pictures! The change from seeing your pictures in shades of gray to full color is startling in the best way!

  3. onel says:

    The world will look so sad without colors 🙁

  4. xfallenmoon says:

    Wow… that would be deeeepressing. I keep saying I don’t have much color in my life (except for blue), but that’s so not true now that I think about it. Colors are life. 🙂

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