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Decorating with Black and White

After driving in circles for hours, I finally found a parking space just below an empty bridge that look kind of sketchy. Going to San Francisco is always an adventure! Many times the simple moments that you spend looking for parking makes you feel that you’ve done something incredible during the day. Fighting with the neighboring car to win a parking spot or backing in those skinny public parking spaces. What fun!

Yes, I went to San Francisco for a couple of talks about color and design. The San Francisco Design Center showrooms are incredibly beautiful, truly breathtaking. I spent a long time walking around and looking at fabrics, unique furniture and art.

Fun Colors, Art Piece

Browns and Orange. Beautiful Bedroom

Gorgeous Handmade and Hand Painted Wallpaper

One of my favorite spaces, these amazing walls (above and below) that are covered with wallpaper made ​​of silk, hand painted and hand woven. Just between us, I do not think I would use something so elegant and delicate in my own home, but the work is so beautiful that it deserved a few close up shots. Can you see the delicate embroidery? Amazing , right?

Hand Painted Wallpaper

A dream for print and pattern lovers, Quadrille showroom, beautiful collections of fabrics and wallpaper. (below)

Gorgeous Fabric Quadrille Showroom

Beautiful Textiles Quadrille Showroom

 At the Walker Zanger (below) showroom I saw a couple of bathrooms and kitchens designed using tiles with metallic finishes and textures that look like wood, very pretty! They had a few collections of colored tiles that I loved. A way to use those colored tiles is using color on the walls and keeping the bathroom and kitchen fixtures natural and neutral. This showroom is where I heard an incredible talk about Color Psychology by Feras Irikat. If you see him one day, he will surprise you with his knowledge of color, he is really interesting and cheerful.

Colorful Tiles  Walker Zanger Showroom

And let’s not forget the talk about color trends 2014 by Benjamin Moore. They welcomed us with pastel colored cupcakes, a subtle detail that expressed a little bit about what we were going to hear later.

And finally when the last talk ended I walked to my car, well, I almost ran to arrive just in time before they closed the parking lot. It was dark when I left the city and I was really happy and exhausted.

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  1. xfallenmoon says:

    I love how bold some of these color palettes are. I wish I could incorporate more bold colors into my home. But sadly, I seem to stick with light blues, beige, white, black and brown. Lol.

    So you went to San Francisco? That’s cool. I’ve never been there. Is it nice?

    Silk wall paper? That exists? It must be really delicate…

  2. Mrs. ShuGar says:

    Those colors and patterns are delightful! i like the black, white, and red one. San Francisco sounds a lot like downtown L.A. It’s quite the journey when you make it down there and you always have an adventure.

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