8 Million Colorful Petals Exploding!

If volcanoes had flowers inside instead of fire, this is exactly what would happen! This is a new ad from Sony that shows the amazing details and picture quality, four times more vivid and crisp using its new 4K Ultra HD TV. They used about 8 million natural and biodegradable flower petals and made a volcano erupt on the vibrant landscapes of Costa Rica. The ad is really striking and colorful, and the concept so charming, can you imagine looking at tons of colorful petals falling from the sky?

After watching the video I read one of the comments saying, “and who is going to sweep that?” ha ha I was thinking the same thing.

Million Colorful Petals Exploding

*Direction: Jaron Albertin

*Source of images: Sony 4K – Four times the detail 

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  1. xfallenmon says:

    Wow, wouldn’t that be cool. I always loved anything covered with rose petals. Lol. Had a bath like that once, and my bed, and my couch. All special occasions of course, but it was so pretty!!

  2. Maru says:

    Oh wow! That is such an original idea!

  3. Merrie says:

    Wow!! You always find the most beautiful things to blog about!

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