How to Wear Patterned Skirts

I’ve been stuck at my parents house all day. I woke up and got my bathing suit ready to go to the beach with my sister. I am visiting my family for a couple of days in Tabasco, Mexico. Saturday and Sunday were perfect, really sunny, but today everything was different. It was raining and windy. A tree in neighbor’s yard was completely turned over, there were trash cans and clothes flying everywhere and it was even a bit cold, if you don’t know Tabasco, cold isn’t exactly normal to say the least. Apparently, I just saw on the news, there is a hurricane about to crash into this whole southern area of Mexico. How horrible! Although our plans were ruined, we sat down to watch movies all afternoon. Being with my family is so unique and special that I don’t care, it’s all about the company and the little details.

Since Sunday was perfect, we went out in the morning to walk along a trail near the house, and after that, we went to eat delicious seafood in a local restaurant on the edge of the mangroves, really beautiful!

I wore a patterned skirt with bright pink, green and white accents and matched it with a simple solid pink blouse.

Patterned Skirt, What Color Top?

The three of us, my sister, mom and I, dressed up inspired by a similar idea of color and prints. When I use a patterned skirt, I usually choose a simple blouse and solid color so I don’t look to saturated. Preferably I choose a color that is a part of the pattern, it’s an easy way to get it right.

I found this top in a similar color as one of the colors in the pattern on the skirt, it didn’t need to be identical to match. A skin colored handbag and a nude colored pair of shoes were the perfect accessories. The final look is something fresh and springy.

Patterned Skirt, What Color Top?

My sister wore something similar, a tropical print with a cobalt blue top. My mom chose a cute dress with a floral print. Both of them, paired the look with neutral colored accessories. (I know, I thought it would be cute to share their outfits as well, since we were wearing similar things. I hope they don’t feel embarrassed when they find this post)

Patterned Skirt, What Color Top?

I hope tomorrow the weather is better than today. I really want to go for a walk on the beach or at least spend the day tanning at the swimming pool. But if the weather is ugly again, then I guess I will enjoy many more movies at home with the people I love.

What about you, how is your week going so far? How to do you wear patterned skirts?

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  1. onel says:

    What a happy family gathering 🙂 I love all your outfit! I hope you are having fun with the reunion 😉

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