The Colorful World We Live In

The Colorful World We Live In: California

*Color Palette: Santa Clara, CA, USA

Now that I went back to Mexico to see my family, I found so many new and interesting details, like how colorful Mexico City looks from the sky, millions of huddled houses painted in vivid colors. I also thought about how different the tropical vegetation of southern Mexico is in comparison with the mountains and flowers near my home here in California. Wow! So many little details that when I lived there I never thought to observe, because well, they were “normal”.

The Colorful World We Live In: Tabasco, Mexico

*Color Palette: Comalcalco, Tabasco, Mexico

All this got me thinking about how we let ourselves be influenced by our environment and the choices we make, the way we cook, dress, decorate and even, the tolerance and appreciation we have for certain color palettes.

My eye have gotten used to the lively and expressive colors inspired by the craftsmanship and urban landscape from where I grew up. I also have some influence from Asheville, North Carolina, where I used to love to sit on the porch to watch the leaves fall in autumn and the ground turn from green to a mustard yellow. I never saw the different seasons of the year as distinct as in North Carolina, I really loved to experiment and play with the way I dressed and decorated my apartment for each season, something I never did in Mexico, since the whole year was green. Right now I can see brown mountains peeking out from behind the green in the distance from my window, that has brought me a unique and different experience as the winter showers are tapering off and California is getting dry again. The colors of the flowers really stand out on that neutral background and the sunsets are the most colorful I’ve seen, almost always blue and pink, like cotton candy.

The Colorful World We Live In: Asheville, NC

*Color Palette: Asheville, NC, USA.

Setting aside nature, there is something I love to see wherever I go because it never stops amazing me how colorful and different it can be from place to place. Street art is always unique and special. The colors tend to be similar, because it all depends on the artists and their personal experience. I love sitting down to imagine what the artist must have been thinking, what does it really mean to them? Was it inspired by a personal experience? Was the artist hungry or tired? Did they have problems with the paint? Did they like what they made? All those things that you forget to ask and remind us that there more to art than just colors and form, but lives and stories behind the colors that the artist used to express a cultural problem, a love story… something he is suffering and can’t say to anyone.

The Colorful World We Live In: San Francisco, Street Art

*Color Palette: Street Art, San Francisco, California.

Is there some piece of art that you love in the place where you live? Have you ever thought, how much the colors of your environment influence the way you dress and live?

15 Responses

  1. katerina says:

    Well, Greece is full of art and monuments so it’s hard not to find something to love! I loved reading this..

  2. xfallenmoon says:

    Gorgeous color palettes, I especially love the one for San Francisco. Pinning for later! Can’t wait to go back to Mexico at Christmas, you can be sure I’ll look for all those colorful spots. Xochimilco was just awesome. xD

  3. Maru says:

    These are all beautiful palettes! I love the colors you can find in Mexico, buy I also want to see other places like Greece

  4. Corlie says:

    I love the San Francisco palette too! And the Santa Clara one. This is such an interesting way to look at our surroundings Elba, pinning it 🙂

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