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Which Color Sofa Should I Buy?

I get so many questions lately about what is better, a neutral sofa or a colored one. I think there is no one right answer, it depends on several factors such as the current color of your walls or the frequency at which you change your furniture and accessories. If you find yourself undecided at the time, here are some pros and cons to help you choose the perfect color for your new sofa:

Which Color Sofa Should I Buy ?


  • Pros. Neutral colors go well with any other color. You could change the color of your walls often and play with pillows in solid colors and vibrant prints.
  • Cons. A neutral sofa can be boring if it’s not accessorized correctly. To win this war, don’t forget to add color to your decorations with pillows and other textiles. Don’t let these get lost between the sofa and walls. Example, if you are planning on buying a gray sofa and your walls are gray, don’t use white and/or beige cushions, opt for something that contrasts, like turquoise or lavender, the key is to complement the space with colorful accents and make the space look interesting and exciting.

A neutral sofa is for you if…. You love the idea of ​​re decorating your living room every season. You love color in the details, like cushions and curtains and/or are planning on painting your walls in the near future.

Tips for a wow effect: Mix two or three different colored pillows for an incredible effect.

Which Color Sofa Should I Buy?


  • Pros. Colored sofas are amazing! True, a sofa in a bold color adds that edgy and unique touch to any home decor. Imagine a cobalt blue sofa with vanilla pillows and golden details. Doesn’t this sound dreamy?
  • Cons. With a colored sofa it will be more difficult to find the right color for your walls in the future, also coordinating pillows, curtains and other accessories might be more difficult.

A colored sofa is for you if… your walls are a neutral color (white , gray , brown) and you would love to add an element that makes a statement. Also, if you are not attracted to the idea of ​​changing things frequently, a colorful sofa would make your space look special and unique for years and years to come.

Tips for a wow effect: Use pillows with interesting textures and monochrome prints.

Here is an amazing article about “Things you Need to Know about Buying a Sofa”. Good luck and happy sofa hunting!

6 Responses

  1. Sara Strauss says:

    This is a really great post!! I’ve always loved the idea of getting a blue couch, but I love mixing lots of colors, so a neutral one would probably be best!

  2. Katerina says:

    As Ilove color in my house I bought light green sofas. But because it can be tiring at times I have grey throws (google translation..do you use this word?)

    • Light green, how pretty! Yes, I can see myself getting tired of just one color for years and years. You can play with different textured throws or a contrasting pillow color 🙂

  3. I’m more of a neutral colored furniture person. Since they’re the most expensive to replace, I’d hate to get boxed in to one color. On the other hand, I’ve always dreamed of owning a mint/turquoise couch, that would just be cool. I’ve learned over the years though, that I’m more of a traditional kind of person. Right now my couch is chocolate brown, and I’m planning to paint our living walls white… I’ve got powder blue curtains (duh, blue had to sneak in there somewhere… lol), and green plants obviously (gotta add some life in there!)… now I just need a punch color for accent pieces… Hmm.


    • Add a contrasting color, something like coral would be amazing, or add patterned black and white pieces!
      I understand, my sofa is gray and I really like it, it’s neutral and timeless. I can always play with colors with the pillows and accessories, which I do really often 🙂

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