Dispatchwork: Patching Cities with Colors

I found someone just like me, who imagines a world full of colors and fun things. This is the work of Jan Vormann, a German artist who restores crumbling architecture with something he calls Dispatchwork. Instead of using plaster or stucco, he repairs cracks, holes and fissures in buildings with colorful Lego blocks! Challenging the rigidity of the city and injecting a touch of creativity and color.

Dispatchwork, Colorful Art Street

* Tel Aviv, Israel

I sent him an email to ask for permission to use their photos and he accepted. Surprisingly we found that we have many things in common besides color, we both lived in North Carolina, have taken huge road trips throughout Mexico and even found the love of our lives in Chile. What a small world, right?

Dispatchwork, Colorful Art Street

* Hongkong, Special Administrative Region of the PR of China

Dispatchwork, Colorful Art Street

* Valparaiso, Chile

Those colorful Lego blocks were not glued, they just lay down temporarily without deteriorating or damaging the architecture. The idea is that somebody could take the pieces down to play with, sounds quite lovely. Dispatchwork is simply dedicated to encouraging smiles, color and fun.

Dispatchwork, Colorful Art Street

* Great Wall, China

Dispatchwork, Colorful Art Street

* Massy, France

Dispatchwork, Colorful Art Street

* Cape Town, South Africa

Maybe some day you will run into a guy carrying a bucket of legos and filling potholes in your city, it could be Jan! But it could also be your neighbor, friend or dad, as the project offers participation to anyone anywhere who wants to join. On the website you can see how people around the world have sent pictures of their own patches, which have helped to add more and more places on the map of Dispatchers Worldwide.

Want to see if your city has been patched with colors? Checkout their site here.

* All images via Dispatchwork


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  1. Sara Strauss says:

    Wow, amazing! This is the best thing ever!! The world is better with little bits of color like this!

  2. Katerina says:

    This is the coolest idea ever!

  3. Leslie says:

    This is so cool. I gotta share it on my FB page. Thanks!

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