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How to Paint Outdoor Furniture

How to paint outdoor furniture via Live Colorful

If you saw some of my other posts, my patio was empty a few weeks ago. After adding color and some fun accessories, it’s finally looking alive! One of the first things I did was painting my old furniture with a vibrant yellow tone named “Sunflower”. I think that extra detail really helped the transformation.

Painting the furniture was not difficult, but it is a definitely patient work. If you are planning on painting your patio furniture, check out these easy steps:

How to paint outdoor furniture via Live Colorful


  • Acrylic exterior paint with primer
  • Sanding Paper
  • Plastic or newspaper
  • Medium and small brush
  • Plastic Container

How to Paint Outdoor Furniture, Steps:

1. Protect your workspace using plastic or newspaper.

2. Sand the surface. I used a medium grit sandpaper. I sanded until the surface felt soft and smooth. This step helps remove some of the old layers, that is crucial so the new paint adheres well.

Use a damp cloth to clean any dust after sanding. Let it dry before you start painting.

3. I like to put the paint in a smaller container as needed so the big bucket doesn’t get dusty and dirty.

Let’s start painting. Use a small brush for the details and edges. In my case, two coats of paint were enough.

How to paint outdoor furniture via Live Colorful

BTW, my mom did a little renovation in her yard recently and painted her metal patio set with white spray paint in a few minutes. Spray paint is a great option for metal furniture and acrylic paint works better for wooden furniture.

 How to paint outdoor furniture via Live Colorful

Let me know if you have any questions and good luck in your patio renovation!

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    I kinda wanna paint a few items so this gave me some great inspiration.

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    its a great inspiration …thanks for sharing it..keep updating it helps a lot to obtain new knowledge….

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