Killer Color Combo: Aquamarine and Purple

Killer Color Combo: Aquamarine and Purple via LiveColorful

Last month I visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium and I fell in love with the colors I found in the tanks. For some reason when I used to think of the sea, I would imagine lots and lots of blue tones. Maybe this time I just payed more attention to all the other colors that exist, I was fascinated by the bright hues on reefs, marine trees and iridescent ocean creatures, it was really beautiful and color inspiring!

Out there I found a pair of purple colored reefs with some lime green dots, really pretty. That inspired me to wear this new purple skirt that I found in a vintage shop with an aquamarine top.

Killer #Color Combo: Aquamarine and Purple via LiveColorful

The next time you go to the store looking for clothes and new colors to try this summer, think of the ocean, beach or a vacation spot where you would love to be this summer. There are so many beautiful colors there that can inspire us to try new and fun color combinations.

Do you like these two? Here are some other ways you could use aquamarine and purple in decoration, beauty and how about a party!

What colorful place would you like to visit this summer?

Before I leave, thanks so much to Merrie from Petite Career Girl for her sweet mention about Live Colorful on this amazing post: cute jewelry organizing, love the ideas and those fun and colorful paper flowers! 

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  1. Katerina says:

    Such a fresh outfit! Very cute..

  2. It so “springy” if that is a word, lol! I love it!

  3. xfallenmoon says:

    I loooooove aquamarine. Oh, and mint, and blue!! Gorgeous combo, you look so beautiful. This summer I just want to go to the beach – A LOT. Lol.

  4. Maru says:

    This is such a cute look for Spring, love that skirt!

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