Killer Color Combo: Periwinkle Blue and Scarlet Red

Killer Color Combo: Blue and Red

Confession: I get obsessed about one color for a week and then completely forget about it and get distracted with another color the next week. Last week, for example, all my Instagram pictures had something red! I made a centerpiece with red roses, I bought a new lipstick called “Who Wore It Red-Er” and even painted my nails in a tropical red tone.

On Sunday I did not  not want to put aside the fun of this vibrant hue so I wore a periwinkle blue blouse and added a couple of scarlet red touches. The beautiful bracelet is from Red Buffalo Trading, an online store with handmade accessories from different Chinese rural areas. Isn’t it beautiful? I also tried a new nail color called “Watermelon” from Essie, it looks amazing and matched the bracelet!

A blue blouse with red accessories

These shades of blue and red are a lovely combination. I’ve seen them a couple of times working together in decoration, like here and here, a blue wall with red accessories, is quite pretty. The nearly neutral blue balances the energy of the red and creates a surprising effect.

What color have you been using a lot lately?

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  1. Meghan Silva says:

    Well this colour combination looks amazing on you.

    Meg | Meghan Silva’s Blog

  2. Sara Strauss says:

    So pretty! Blue and red are a great combo! I get obsessed with certain colors for a time as well! Sometimes I can’t stop wearing purple, sometimes blue, sometimes black, etc.

  3. Maru says:

    That color combination looks so pretty! You look great 🙂

  4. Corlie says:

    You look lovely Elba! The bangle looks beautiful with your outfit, thanks for featuring it. I really love that bright bazaar photo with the red boots and blue wall. What a striking combination!

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