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COLOR TREND: Sherwin Williams Colormix™ 2015

I don’t know if you have heard about the color chat, it’s a fun discussion that take place on twitter and it’s all about color and design, so much fun! I have been in a couple of them but for some reason I’ve forgotten to write them down on the calendar for quite a bit until this week. The theme of yesterday’s color chat was quite interesting, Behind The Scenes of Colormix™ 2015. We talked a little about what goes on behind the scenes, as the team at Sherwin Williams produces those incredible Colormix™ videos. And also about where they get those beautiful photographs and images that help illustrate color forecasts each year.

Collections of colors in Colormix™ 2015 are varied and balanced. You will find 40 colors specially curated for all tastes and styles, from quiet and relaxing palettes with earthy inspiration and magical alchemy to colorful and bold palettes inspired by jungles, carnivals and lush hues.

Sherwin Williams Color Forecast 2015 via Live Colorful


Inspired by nature, earth, sky and abstract shapes. This color collection is presented as a way to put aside the chaos of modern life and technology just when you get home. Search on the walls for an oasis where you can find balance, tranquility and inner peace.

Sherwin Williams Color Forecast 2015 via Live Colorful


The fascination with the tropics is very popular nowadays, we can see the strong trends in prints and colors and in fashion and decor. This palette explores the secrets of the jungle, nature and the incorporation of green spaces in dense urban landscapes that help us maintain a curious spirit connected with the environment.

Sherwin Williams Color Forecast 2015 via Live Colorful


You will fly boldly where no man has gone before with this set of interesting and bold colors inspired by science fiction, the supernatural and magical landscapes.

Sherwin Williams Color Forecast 2015 via Live Colorful


Life is a carnival, and we are ready to celebrate! These fun and cheerful color collections were inspired by ethnic details, artisans and a touch of bohemian and global styles.

Tell me, which one is your favorite palette color? Planning to paint something this year?

Check out the color chat script here so you can read more about the inspiration behind these fun Colormix™ 2015 collections.

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  1. KATERINA says:

    From time to time I had most of these colors to my houses, but lately I find myself flirting with total white. I don’t know if I’ll go for it though..

  2. Lori Sawaya says:

    Thank you, Elba, for sharing about #colorchat. We chat every other Tuesday at 4 pm et.

  3. Lisa Serrano says:

    I was just going to google color trends! You were reading my mind. I put together Frank Blue and Flyaway together before I got to your post, funny.

  4. These variations of color are just amazing and elegant too. I have like the color the Impetuous the most. It is quite soothing and bright.

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