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DIY: Pineapple Stamped Frame

DIY: Pineapples Stamped Frame via Live Colorful

Pineapple fever! I had this idea of ​​creating something tropical and fruity for the house. I recently bought a pair of wooden frames and I thought about just painting something pretty on them. Then food stamping got into my mind. Making fruity stamps with veggies sounded like a great way to spend an afternoon!


DIY: Pineapples Stamped Frame via Live Colorful


1. Make the stamp. Begin drawing a pineapple shape using a pencil or one of those carving tools. Start carving the veggie until the pineapple shape stands out.

2. Paint the frame. I used a color named “Neon Pink”. I adore that bright hue, it’s perfect for summer.

3.  Use a brush to put paint on the stamp. Bright yellow and lime green are the ones I used.

4. Then, press the stamp on the frame.  Repeat this step until you fill the frame with lots of colorful and cute pineapples.

DIY: Pineapples Stamped Frame via Live Colorful

Let the frame dry for a few hours.

I added a black and white picture and I have to admit that I really like the contrast, this way the frame colors stand out. My new frame is on one of my coffee tables near the sofa and it looks bright and summery!

You can use food stamps for all sorts of projects: decorate furniture pieces, make greeting cards or even, spice up some of your clothes, what a great activity for the kids!

5 Responses

  1. lisa diaz says:

    I love it! Sharing.

  2. Sara Strauss says:

    This is awesome!! Food stamps and pineapples!! Fun!

  3. KATERINA says:

    this is soo cute!!!!!!!!!

  4. Julie says:

    Wow, cool. Never would have thought of using a carrot. I also think putting a black and white picture in a colorful frame is super cool contrast wise.

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