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DIY: Color Block Birdhouse

DIY: Color Block Birdhouse via Live Colorful

The other day while I was walking around the craft store, I saw a bunch of those wooden bird houses that remind me of a picture I shared with you a few months ago when I was planning how to decorate of my balcony/patio.

Ever since then, I wanted to add a little bird house next to my flower pots, it would look cute. Then, just after I finished painting it, I realized that it looked pretty on the table as a centerpiece.

DIY: Color Block Birdhouse via Live Colorful


  • A wooden birdhouse. I bought mine at Michaels, but you can find yours at an art supply or craft shop
  • Acrylic paint
  • Brushes
  • Tape

DIY: Color Block Birdhouse via Live Colorful


1. Paint the entire house using one color. It can be a neutral tone so the vibrant colors stand out even more.

2. When it’s dry, start adding strips of tape to create those incredible blocks of color. I used the blue painters tape made for painting walls, it’s easy to remove and it doesn’t peel the paint off with it.

3. Be careful while painting the edges. The first coat of paint will look a bit rough. Wait a few minutes before adding another layer. The number of layers you will need depends on the color you used for the base. Since I used a dark color, it took me about 4 layers of each color to cover that dark blue, but in the end I love the contrast.

4. When all the colors are uniform, let them dry for a few minutes. Remove the tape and it will be ready!

You can also add a layer of polyacrylic varnish to protect the bird house from rain and dust if you’re going to have it in the yard.

This technique, using tape and different blocks of color, is super easy to recreate on all kinds of surfaces and it looks modern, colorful and eye-catching. Check out this idea and this one. Hope you like it!

Btw, I will be attending BlogHer 2014 this weekend. I’m really excited about it and looking forward to learning more about the blogging industry plus making new friends and connecting with other creatives. I will share more about this adventure next week. Have fun!

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  1. KATERINA says:

    I love this!!!Easy and fun project!

  2. Gosh, I love how the black background really makes the colors stand out. I made a similar project for my son’s bedroom recently, a canvas painting using tape. It’s so much fun isn’t it?

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