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DIY: Colorful Beaded Nail Art

I was standing in the store with all the beauty products around me for a couple of minutes before deciding to try this curious colorful nail art bead kit. At first I was just looking for a new nail color to try, but this little package grabbed my eye, it looked fun and I wanted to try it.

After using it I wanted to share some of the pros and cons in case you have been looking for some new nail art:

I Love Nail Art Kit Perles Review via Live Colorful

A Review: I Love Nail Art Kit Perles from Sally Hansen 

The bad:

  • There are no instructions in the package! And the link on the package sent you to the online store and not to the instructions, it’s a bit frustrating.
  • You will need some patience and there is a possibility that it will be a little messy. Although I was very careful, a couple of times I dropped the bottle and tons of beads flew away. Yeah, fun!

The Good:

  • It’s not expensive. The package cost me $5.50 with three little bottles that would work for approximately for 30 decorated nails. If you only decorate one fingernail at the time, it might just last you forever.
  • Once you figure out how to use the kit you’ll realize that the tools, the open lid and the tool for pressing are quite functional and easy to use.

Are you feeling like creating this look?

DIY: Colorful Beaded Nail Art via Live Colorful


1. First, I painted all the nails that I didn’t want to decorate and waited until they dried.

2. Apply two coats of nail polish. That thick layer of fresh nail polish will help the beads to stick easily.

3. Remember, don’t let the nail polish dry! Use the open lid to throw beads over your nail. I used part of the plastic packing under the nail so the beads didn’t fall over the table. After I finished, I put the beads back in the container, best idea ever!

4. Wait about 10 seconds before starting to press the beads. Wait for it to dry and they will be ready!

Some details and tips that can help you:

  • Use a similar nail polish color to the beads to hide empty spots.
  • Don’t apply invisible shiny nail polish over the beads! I confess that I couldn’t resist the temptation to apply a clear glossy layer to see if the beads stayed together longer and it worked but.. the beads got discolored and they went from colorful to grayish.
  • If you have experience decorating nails, you might get a more uniform finish. If you are a beginner like me, your nails may look similar to mine. I couldn’t fill the empty spots on my nails for some reason, but they don’t look that bad thanks to the similar nail color.
  • Also, one of the things I discovered is that you don’t have to buy this kit to create a similar look. Small beads for crafting projects like this one would work perfectly.

After I finished I found this tutorial on Sally Hansen’s website and this other one that look really cute and not so difficult.

Do you like the style? Also, what nail kit have you used and would recommend for me to try?

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  1. onel says:

    Very sweet! I love how you single one out (or is it just for the tutorial?)

  2. nailsgal says:

    Great work! i never knew this is how it was done. I love the DIY colorful beaded nail art. They look unique and beautiful. Nice stuff

  3. Marlene Martinez says:

    Desde que vi esta foto me encantó la idea’ yo también tengo unos barnices parecidos y no tenía idea de que hacer gracias por los tips

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