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I Blog Because... BlogHer 2014

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The warm smell of freshly brewed green tea always makes me want to write. It’s 8:00 am, it’s been two days since the end of my adventure at BlogHer 2014. I remember the day I found out the conference was coming back to San Jose after 10 years, I was excited because it was only 20 minutes away from where I live. At the same time, memories of my early days as a blogger started coming to my mind, my inspiration, my first friends online, my dreams and illusions that even though they were small, they made me get up in the morning wanting to create and share.

The conference was just as I imagined. Interesting talks, warm hugs, new friends, long talks with old friends, smiles, tears, stress and a couple of sore spots on my feet thanks to some uncomfortable shoes I decided to wear the first day of the conference.

Day one began with a video showing why we started our adventure as bloggers. I was fortunate to be included in the video and share my, “I blog because… it pushes me to be creative…”.

The story of my blog might not be very different from others. I started sharing projects because I was looking for something different and exciting. Moving from Mexico to the United States, brought to my life a feeling of emptiness that was really hard in the beginning. Sewing, painting and decorating our new small apartment made ​​me feel happy and full of energy, it made ​​me think about the future in that little new place with my husband and my little poodle.

I guess back then I didn’t think about it, but starting my blog was like doodling a new chapter in my life. It was the first line in that notebook of white pages, that back then, was a bit empty and lonely.

My blog has brought me some amazing adventures and has pushed me to do things I have never imagined I would do, but more importantly, it really inspires me to create and share every day! It pushes me to find happiness in the simplest and smallest projects each day, to put aside my shyness and push myself to meet new people at conferences and interesting events, to forget about my obsession with organization and throw plastic bags on the floor and paint with my hands, to correct my english grammar and pronunciation to express what I am really feeling, to wear cute outfits even on those days I feel sad and ugly, to find new uses for those bits of fabric scraps, to always learn something new, grow as a person, help, share and never stop imagining, dreaming and creating. It pushes me to be what I always dreamt I would love to be.

Blogger friend, have you ever thought about why you blog? What inspires you?

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  1. Mrs. ShuGar says:

    This is beautiful! You are an inspiration. I blog because I love and I want to share my heart.

  2. Sara Strauss says:

    I love this!! I love blogging because it’s a creative outlet for me, it’s way to get my thoughts out there, and I love the community of inspiring women!

  3. I wouldn’t be where I was without blogging. It helped me discover my own passion! blogging was the best creative outlet for me!

  4. onel says:

    Wonderful, Elba! I wouldn’t even think of going back to college for further studies if it isn’t for my blog that I realize I love making things!

  5. Blogging has been such a great way to express myself and has allowed me to be “me” from behind the scenes…which is the perfect fit for my personality! I love doing it, and it’s been so much fun getting to know other bloggers out there. 🙂

  6. janika R says:

    I blog because I love to share and connect with people online. It also pushes me to create new things that always helped me in a better way..

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