New Fabric Collection and Shop

Elba Valverde Spoonflower Shop

It’s been a while since I started learning how to design fabric. I can happily say that at least I have learned the basics and I’m loving the process! Although I’m still learning new techniques and experimenting with color stories and patterns, last week I finally took a leap of faith and opened my new Spoonflower shop.

These are some of the fabric designs that you can find in my Spoonflower shop, they are available for wallpaper, decals and gift wrap. I was inspired by natural forms, flowers are my biggest inspiration and the colors of ethnic textiles from South America are a big part of my fascination, so I try to capture a little of both in my designs.

Elba Valverde Spoonflower Shop

I will upload more designs soon so that anyone looking for a little cute, colorful and vibrant fabric can find them here. Anyone on Flickr? I also opened a new Flickr account to share my designs and other projects so I have another way to connect and share with you. Good start to the week!

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  1. KATERINA says:

    Great work Elba!!!Looking forward to more designs!

  2. Awesome fabric and new collection…

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