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DIY: Colorful Clay Necklace

DIY: Colorful Clay Necklace via Live Colorful

A few months after moving to the States I found a pottery class close to home. Since I love everything related to arts and crafts I enrolled for that summer. The class was great, but it taught me one thing very clearly, baking big pieces of pottery, although super fun and creative, can be a long and expensive process.

After the class I had about 10 flower pots and some extra knick knacks that I made with some clay leftovers. It was fun, but the only way to make more pieces was to enroll in the class again so I could use their awesome oven.

As I fell in love with the texture and consistency of clay, after the class I wanted to try other small projects like these flowers I made for Mother’s Day last year. That time I searched for a type of air dry modeling clay and luckily I found some in Michaels.

DIY: Colorful Clay Necklace via Live Colorful

These type of clay work perfectly for small projects, and this brand is really easy to mold and lasts forever, I still have some and it’s still good. The key was to store it in a container after opening to prevent drying.

This summer I wanted to make something I could wear using this clay. Looking at these beautiful necklaces inspired me to create my own version and add my own colors and personality.

DIY: Colorful Clay Necklace via Live Colorful


  • Air dry modeling clay
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Sealant. The non-toxic sealant I used here works perfectly for this project
  • Suede lace

DIY: Colorful Clay Necklace via Live Colorful


1. Take a bit of fresh clay and start making little balls.

2. To make the holes you can use a toothpick or the back of a brush.

Tip. Wet your fingers a little bit and mold the beads one last time to make them look as smooth as possible.

3. Let the beads dry for 24 hours.

4. Once they are dry, use acrylic paint and apply your favorite colors on your new piece. I also used a layer of clear gloss with gold glitter that I found in the same acrylic paint area in Michaels. Add a coat of sealant and let them dry.

5. Take the suede cord, tie a knot at the end and your new necklace is ready to go!

Wear it with a neutral t-shirt or dress so the colors stand out!

DIY: Colorful Clay Necklace via Live Colorful

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  1. Sara Strauss says:

    This is a really fun idea! I like it because you can make them whatever size, shape, and color you want!

  2. KATERINA says:

    Cool Elba!It looks great on your black tee!

  3. Cute and easy project. Lots of ways to be creative with the colors and shapes!

  4. I love this simple yet really pretty idea! Thanks for sharing on the #mondayfundayparty !

  5. What a fun idea!!!! The necklace turned out great!

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