Fun Ways to Announce your Pregnancy

Fun Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy via Live Colorful

Friends, we have a huge news. Guess who is expecting their first gummy bear?

That’s right! Jordan and I are super excited awaiting our first baby and could not wait to share the news with all of you. I am about to enter week 15 and the new member of our family is due around February 10th.

The last few weeks have been a little hard for me, nausea, fatigue and hours looking at the refrigerator without finding anything that looks yummy, just nuts, strawberries and gummy bears. The good news is that this month things are looking up and I am finally feeling more energetic, and quite frankly, hungry!

This week I’m also starting to notice some physical changes, I can’t button my jeans anymore and just yesterday I went shopping for my first stretchy blouses! I guess I just couldn’t hide it any longer.

Are you also expecting a baby? or do you know someone who is about to break the news?


1. Guess who’s pregnant? Print a photo or use your phone/tablet to show the baby’s first ultrasound. And of course, you can’t leave the hubby out, what’s in his stomach this morning? (Image above)

*Learn how to make that colorful picture backdrop here.

2. Let your pet share the news. On Pinterest I found several photos of pets giving the news (like this one) and they were adorable! so I bought a small board to write “I’m being promoted to big sister” and pointed it at our little poodle.

Fun Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy via Live Colorful

3. Blue + Pink = Little Purple. Colors and their combinations is an original way to show the world you’re expecting a tiny human being. You can use these other combos:

  • Cyan + Yellow = Green
  • Magenta + Yellow = Orange

Or if you already know if you’re having a boy or girl:

  • Magenta + White = Pastel Pink
  • Navy Blue + white = Baby Blue

Have fun looking for tiny colorful clothes!

Fun Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy via Live Colorful

I promise not to bombard you with photos and posts of babies but please forgive me my excitement if you see an occasional picture of something really really cute. Happy week!

Fun Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy via Live Colorful


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  1. lisa diaz says:

    I am so happy for y’all! What a Blessing. I love these ideas & I have shared. I will keep y’all in my prayers & you keep up your strength. Lots of love, Lisa

  2. Kelly says:

    Oh my goodness, adorable! Congrats!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  3. KATERINA says:

    This is so exciting!!! I’m happy for you Elba despite never meeting you in person! Congratulations!!!!

  4. Sara Strauss says:

    OMG! How exciting! Congrats to both of you!!! These pictures are absolutely adorable and so fun!

  5. Corlie says:

    So exciting Elba! Congratulations! Well done for keeping it secret so long, I’m not I’d be able to do that 🙂

  6. Cousin Becky says:


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