How to Plan a Picnic for Two

How to Plan a Picnic for Two | Live Colorful

Are you ready for the long Labor Day weekend?

I smile and jump every time a long weekend gets close, especially since Jordan started working in a normal office with schedules, vacations and holidays! I know that those days are just for us, to enjoy the city, go to San Francisco or make an occasional little road trip.

Sometimes I would like us to take the car and travel farther away, but our lack of planning always seems to leave us disappointed. But, since we moved to this part of the country, we haven’t taken the time to visit everything in the city, and while I look for things to do on the weekend, I find that there is a lot we haven’t done!

Just last week I forced myself to get up early on Sunday morning to enjoy a romantic picnic with Jordan in the Municipal Rose Garden in San Jose.

The morning was perfect. We took snacks, fruit, freshly made some blueberry muffins, and some other pregnancy cravings, let’s just say that I made Jordan carry a large picnic basket filled with carrots and cucumbers with salt and lime, yummy!

Making that little trip made ​​us feel great. The garden was beautiful and peaceful. We talked, we took photos and watched kids running while we made bets about the sex of our new baby. I say boy, Jordan says girl.

Barbecues with family and friends are great for these last few days of summer, but for couples who would like to spend a quiet and romantic time, a picnic is perfect!

How to Plan a Picnic for Two | Live Colorful

How to Plan a Picnic for Two

1. Find the perfect place for your picnic. I always look for places nearby on Google and read reviews to see if the site is suitable for the occasion. Since we are still all alone (and with a baby on the way) we decided to look for a romantic and perfect place for couples. Sometimes we want to take our dog with us, their website is the perfect place to find that kind of information, if they are pet friendly, if you can bring alcohol, play on music or check out their schedule and amenities.

2. Keep it simple, simple foods are the best choice for picnics. We brought water, snacks, fruit, muffins and bought some sandwiches on the way. That was enough, easy and delicious.

3. Please, do not forget utensils! Bring plates, cups, spoons, forks, napkins, a plastic bags to pick up all your trash before leaving, and most important, don’t forget a blanket! Hand sanitizer and toilet paper can get you out of trouble as well.

4. Check out the weather one or two days before. Bring an umbrella or wear a sweater if the weather looks uncertain.

5. If flowers are not your thing, board games or a ball will add flavor to your day.

6. Enjoy the moment, take lots of photos and have a lot of fun.

Any other picnic tips you would like to add? Have a great Labor Day weekend!

How to Plan a Picnic for Two | Live Colorful


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