It’s Play Time! Free Printable Baby Shower Games

Disclosure: This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Huggies Little Snugglers and Latina Bloggers Connect. All ideas, pictures and opinions are my own.

Free Printables: Baby Shower Games | Live Colorful

I don’t know if it was luck or just coincidence, but months before I discovered that I was pregnant, four of my friends had given me the news that they were also expecting a baby! Thanks to that I have now become a semi-skilled baby shower organizer. We have already organized two in the last couple months, one for boy with blue garlands and adorable tennis shoe shaped fondant cake, and one for a girl, with pink pompoms and a lovely diaper cake.

One of the most fun things in the process, is to plan the games to entertain the guests. Some of them are great to keep everybody active, like measuring the new mommy’s belly or changing a diaper blindfolded. Others are more relaxed and perfect to play while the guests are arriving or eating. My favorite is the word search, but lately I’ve discovered other original and fun ideas.

Inspired by those ideas, I’ve created these printable games that are super fun:

The Price is Right. Free Printables Baby Shower Games |Live Colorful

$ The price is right

Download the PDF here: The Price is Right Printable

Rules: Ask your guests to guess the price of the products listed. The one closest to the price that the new mom wrote on hers, will be the winner.

Baby Name Race. Free Printables Baby Shower Games |Live Colorful

Baby Name Race

Download the PDF here: Baby Name Race Printable

Rules: Ask the guests to write baby names that start with each letter of the alphabet. The person who comes up with the most names in 1 minute, is the winner. You can do just girl names or boy names if you already know the sex of the baby. Don’t throw them away! They can be an inspiration for the new baby’s name.

Word Search. Free Printables Baby Shower Games |Live Colorful

Word Search

Download the PDF here: Word Search Printable

Rules: Find the words that are below the word search. You can do it by time or just let guests search for words while waiting for others guests or eating lunch.

Other than just learning about baby shower games and decorations, one of the tips my friends have given is to add diapers on my gift registry. My two friends did and they also got a package of diapers so I could made them an adorable diaper cake. Both have told me that those diapers really made their first weeks with a newborn easier, in the end, they used all of them.

Us, for example, love Huggies® diapers, their designs are adorable! And we are excited to know that they are introducing the Huggies® Little Snugglers with a new GentleAbsorb* liner that provides a cushiony layer of protection to help draw mess away from the baby’s delicate newborn skin. Also incredible, the Huggies® Natural Care wipes with aloe, vitamin E and a simple formula that is so perfect for gentle cleaning. Both are going straight to my gift registry!

Huggies Little Snugglers

If you would like to receive a sample of these Huggies® Little Snugglers and Huggies® Natural Care wipes ask for them here. That way you can see how wonderful they are.

Now that you have all those baby shower games ready, the food organized and sent the invitations, it’s time to sit for a while to make your gift registry. Is there something you wish you could add, but simply can’t? Well, with Huggies® you can make your dream come true. Participate visiting, all you have to do is add Huggies® Little Snugglers and Huggies® Natural Care wipes on your baby’s gift registry, it’s that easy!

Don’t forget to download the printables from the links above. I hope you have a lovely baby shower, and if you have any questions or need extra ideas feel free to ask me, I love helping with all that kind of stuff 🙂

*** Todos los juegos en español aquí ***

Free Printables: Baby Shower Games | Live Colorful

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