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ReMake 2014 | Live Colorful

There are so many things I love about the San Francisco Bay Area. The weather, the melting pot culture and the suede looking mountains are probably some of my favorites, but I also have to admit that it’s pretty cool to live in one of the places most passionate about the web, technology and social media, mostly because I’m passionate about it too. Not to mention, there are lots of conferences and events related to technology and the internet, which is always fun!

ReMake 2014 | Live Colorful

Just a year ago I remember hearing about the conference Re:Make by Brit+Co. It was our first month in California and I was so busy with the move that I didn’t have the time to check it out. Then I saw the pictures of the event and I was so jealous, they looked amazing. This year I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to go, and lucky me, the event was just an hour drive from home, it was just perfect.

ReMake 2014 | Live Colorful

ReMake 2014 | Live Colorful

Paint by Numbers at ReMake 2014 | Live Colorful

The conference was really great, a lot of the speakers were people who I greatly admire. I was especially interested in Joy Cho’s adventure with her new party line with Target.  Also amazing and inspirational was Jaime Derringer, founder and executive editor of Design Milk, Shauna Mei, founder of AHAlife, Julia Hartz, co-founder of Eventbrite and the cheerful and unique Kandee Johnson, YouTube beauty expert.

Here are some of my favorite things from the conference, aside from good talks and being able to meet interesting people, the decorations were amazing. Not to mention that I even had the opportunity to make a customized vase and decorate some cupcakes!

What happens when we can print 3D makeup? at ReMake 2014 | Live Colorful

* What Happens When We Can 3D Print Makeup? with Verena Von Pfetten, executive digital editor of Lucky Magazine , Grace Choi, founder of Mink, Aileen Lee, founder of Cowboy Ventures and Shane Reilly, co-founder + co-chief executive officer of Guildery

Awesome colors at ReMake 2014 | Live Colorful

3D Printing a tiny elephant at ReMake 2014 | Live Colorful

*3D printing tiny elephants! 

Decorating cupcakes at ReMake 2014 | Live Colorful

“In a galaxy far, far away…”  ReMake 2014 | Live Colorful

*A special guest | What Star Wars and the Maker Movement Have In Common with Chris Taylor, deputy editor, Mashable

Awesome Yoobi bus at ReMake 2014 | Live Colorful

* Yoobi’s amazing colorful bus

ReMake 2014 | Live Colorful

*With Brit Morin, Founder of Brit + Co


ReMake 2014 | Live Colorful

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  1. Sara Strauss says:

    This is awesome!! Everything is so bright and colorful and wonderful! That colorful, geometric table is so fun!

  2. Corlie says:

    Wow Elba, it looks like it was quite an inspiring event!

  3. KATERINA says:

    wow this looks so fun! I wish I had the chance of attending a similar event, I’m sure there are in my area!

    • I’m sure you can find something in your area, if not, you should get together with other local bloggers and have lunch. Chatting with other bloggers or small business owners is always fun and super inspiring.

  4. oh my. this looks like soo much fun! I was so sad we had to be at an out-of-town wedding (in Austin, go figure…it’ll be switched for their next event!) instead of this. I love SF too *high five*

  5. Technology has a huge contribution to make the world more colorful. There are many technologies which make this world more beautiful such as the smartphone, camera, 3D printer etc.

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