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DIY: Day of The Dead Colorful Wreath

Make a Day of The Dead Colorful Wreath | Live Colorful

There are many reasons why I love to celebrate the Day of the Dead, but my favorite is definitely the freedom to use all the colors I want to decorate my home or the altar during the celebration.

I’ve been feeling lately that our front door looks sad and empty, so I decided to make something pretty related to the season, and what could be better than something inspired by this celebration that I enjoy so much. Also, I was so excited to try the Day of the Dead products by Crafty Chica, especially these colorful appliques that look super fun.


  • Crafty Chica Day of the Dead Iron-on appliqué
  • Glitter vinyl or fomi sheet
  • A craft ring to decorate
  • Tissue paper
  • Thin wire
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Make a Day of The Dead Colorful Wreath | Live Colorful


  1. Let’s make some paper flowers!

How to Make Paper Flowers | Live Colorful

  • First, cut and make a stack of 8 squares of tissue paper.
  • Fold them so they look like an accordion.
  • Tie them together in the middle using the thin wire.
  • Make small cuts at the ends. To make something that looks like a marigold flower, which just happens to be one of the popular flowers of the celebration, I made a cut like a heart.
  • Begin to separate and open each sheet of paper.
  • Now, do the same with the other colors.

Note: The larger the wreath, the larger the paper flowers need to be. I cut tissue paper squares of 5 x 5 inches and made about 10 flowers for a wreath with a 12 inch diameter.

Make a Day of The Dead Colorful Wreath | Live Colorful

The Crafty Chica appliques are made to decorate fabric, however, I used them differently for this project. The details and colors are amazing and I thought that would be the perfect accent to decorate this wreath for our door.

2. I glued the appliqué to the glitter vinyl sheet using hot glue. Then I cut the silhouette. The bright background will help the applique stand out, plus glitter always looks so happy.

3. Glue the silhouette to the wreath in the middle.

4. Start gluing the flowers too. Have fun playing with the order of the colors.

Now you’re ready to place your new colorful wreath on the door! 

Make a Day of The Dead Colorful Wreath | Live Colorful

Give me some ideas, what else could you do with these colorful appliques from Crafty Chica? Do you decorate your front door during the fall season?

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8 Responses

  1. Sara Strauss says:

    This is beautiful!! I love this! My friend is obsessed with the Day of the Dead because her birthday is November 2nd!

  2. KATERINA says:

    I’ve never heard of that day before! This wreath is amazing would be cool for a party as well!~

    • It’s a tradition from Mexico that became really popular in the USA. It’s celebrated on Nov 1st and 2nd, some people use it as inspiration to decorate for Halloween. For me, it has a special meaning. I used to celebrate it every year back in Mexico (I never celebrated Halloween until I moved to the States 3 years ago) I also like it because it’s colorful and fun 🙂

  3. lisa diaz says:

    This is so pretty for any door! Shared!

  4. Your Day of the Dead wreath is colorful and beautiful! Looks like a fun project to do this weekend! 🙂

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