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Tips To Designing Your Dream Garage

Hello everyone! Give a warm welcome to Stephanie Hanson, Community Manager for Monkey Bars Central Cost/ Bay Area. She enjoys home decor and writing for her blog, DIY Made Simple. She will be sharing some great tips to design your dream garage. Enjoy!

Tips To Designing Your Dream Garage by Monkey Bar Storage | Live Colorful

*Image Credit. Monkey Bar Storage 

How many times have you logged into Pinterest only to see pictures of elaborate closets that you only wish you could have?  A million times, right? Now, how many times have you seen pictures of a well organized, beautiful and functional garage? I’m going to bet not nearly as much. In fact, many of us don’t dream about what the garage could be (a complete workshop, storage area, and home for our cars) because of what is currently is (disaster zone with so much junk it’s hard to walk through at times). Contrary to what you may currently believe, your garage CAN be functional and beautiful. Use these tips dream big and make your improved garage a reality.

Get the clutter under control. It’s time to clean and take out the trash and things we no longer use. But if you don’t feel like it, why not hire a professional garage organizer? (It’s a real thing)  Estimates are free most of the time, and it’s be worth it be see the floor in your garage again.

Tips To Designing Your Dream Garage by Monkey Bar Storage | Live Colorful

*Image Credit. Monkey Bar Storage 

Get Inspired. Now that the clutter is out, it’s time to get some inspiration. I recommend every women’s favorite website, Pinterest. Try following the boards of Monkey Bar Storage. Their pictures of clean garages will literally make you weak in the knees.

Other amazing Pinterest boards: Garage Organizing by TxterriTips | Garage Organizing by Tiffany (Life as Five) | Garage Organization by Kim Brooks | Garage Organization by Karen Olsen

Add color. Surprisingly enough, there are many different colors and styles that you can incorporate into your garage. (Just like Elba says, live colorful!) and no, color doesn’t have to just come from the walls, there are many different textures, styles and colors of both flooring and cabinets to choose from.  I mean really, who wouldn’t want to step out of their car after a long day of work to a beautifully organized and colorful garage?

The garage is the single most under appreciated room in the home. Why not make your beautiful? For more garage storage inspiration, check out Monkey Bars Central Cost/ Bay Area on Facebook. Have fun!

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