Colorful Toys and Books for Your Baby

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I had so much fun building my baby registry last week. We reviewed the list of “things I need” again and again but in the end we couldn’t help but add some adorable toys and colorful books for our baby. Who can resist them, right?

Now I can’t stop thinking about the day when I can meet my little guy, and I can play with him and read to him and teach him about colors and shapes, I’m sure it’s going to be just lovely!

Check out some colorful toys and books that I found out there, they’re amazing and I’m sure you and your baby will enjoy them a lot!

1. Mr Color Maker by Tomy Toys. This toy is so cool! Place the small buckets into the large bucket and begin to see, like magic, how different colors are created. You can also mix colors so your baby can discover how blue and yellow make green!

2. First Pounder by Hape. There will be nothing more fun for your kid than hitting those colorful nails over and over again. A very entertaining way to learn about colors!

3. Crocodile Pop Blocs Learning Toy by Melissa and Doug. These smooth blocks are perfect for babies and toddlers, plus they connect to each other so your baby can build a chain of colored blocks. . . and create an adorable crocodile!

4. Spin & Learn Color Flashlight by Vtechkids. The colors change and you can hear songs and fun animal sounds.

5. Colorful Baby Play Block by Nika Baby Boutique on Etsy. This sensory development block is beautiful and super soft, 100% cotton, which makes it perfect for a newborn and toddler.

6. First Bead Maze by Melissa and Doug. These mazes are really fun, even for an adult, and are created to encourage color recognition, coordination and fine motor development through play!

7. Colorful Intelligence Shape Learning Box. I had one very similar to this one when I was a kid and loved it. They are so colorful which makes them a beautiful decorative element for the nursery.

8. Laugh and Learn Count and Color Gumball by Fisher-Price. It’s a colorful gumball machine! The different lights will help your child learn all about colors. It also has a lot of songs that will introduce your baby to learning numbers, colors and opposites in English and Spanish.

9. Sesame Street Fizzy Tub Color Tablets. What kid would not love a bath with colored water? The package contains a variety of pills in red, yellow and blue, that are perfect for mixing to play and create many new colors!

10. Sock Monkey by Gus and Ollie on Etsy. I fell in love with this colorful monkey when I first I saw it! It is the perfect “first plush toy” for my baby.

11. Multicolor necklace by Nihamaj on Etsy. It is a perfect accessory for breastfeeding mothers and babies too. It can be used as a natural teething toy and also helps your baby develop motor skills.

Colorful Books for Your Baby | Live Colorful

Some Colorful Books Your Baby Will Love:

1. Mini Board Book, Colors by Carter’s. Introduce your baby to colors with this cute little book.

2. Laugh & Learn Teddy’s Shapes & Colors by Fisher-Price. Teach your child about colors and shapes through images and fun songs. Your baby will love to see the lights turn on and be able to touch each page of the book.

3. Little Chunky Books: Colors, Numbers and Shapes by C. R. Gibson. Three books perfectly sized for little hands.

4. Baby’s First Colors by Hinkler Books. Another really adorable book created to play and teach your baby all about colors!

5. Intelligence Development Early Child Cloth Book. I love soft, washable books like these. You can let your baby touch it, bite it and even play with it while bathing.

Remember you can always add adorable things like these to your baby registry, of course, without leaving out anything essential and functional like baby bottles, blankets and diapers!! Remember to add the diapers, people usually forget about them and you will need them from day one. So before you start scanning toys and books, head to the diaper area and add two or three boxes of your favorites. I added three boxes of Huggies® Little Snugglers to my baby registry that are super absorbent and provide a cushioned layer of protection to help draw mess away from the baby’s delicate newborn skin. Also three packages of their Natural Care wipes that are so natural and simple, with aloe and vitamin E. Try them and find out how great they are, order a free sample HERE.

Huggies Little Snugglers

If you are soooo in love with all the toys and books that I shared on the list above, but you know you will not get them all in your baby shower, I have news for you, just add Huggies® Little Snugglers and Natural Care Wipes to your baby registry by clicking HERE and you will have the opportunity to make your dream come true and buy everything you want to spoil your little one!

I hope you have enjoyed this board full of colorful books and toys!! Do not forget to check out other tips and creative projects to welcome your baby home following the hashtag #AmigasHuggies. I’m less than 12 weeks away from meeting my little guy and I cannot wait, I’m so excited!!


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