The Top 20 Baby Registry Must Haves

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The Top 20 Baby Registry Must Haves | Live Colorful

This upcoming February I’ll be a new mom and I’m a bit scared of the list of things that people tell you that you should have before the baby is born. Good thing is that you can always ask for some of the things in your baby registry which takes a bit of the load off, but as a new mom, everything sounds intriguing and exciting.

I’m thankful I have a couple close friends that have had babies in the last couple months. That way I have been able to see the things that they added to their registry for their baby showers. I’ve also noticed what are the basic products that are not that expensive but can add up, which means they are ideal gift for a baby shower, and are really useful and functional.

For all those first time moms like me, I’ve created this list of the Top 20 Baby Registry Must Haves. These are the things my friends and family recommended to me and that I heard most mommies use daily. I hope this list helps you as a guide and please, feel free to add items in the comments below. I am starting the baby registry for my own baby shower and I can’t wait to read the things that work for you!


1. BOTTLES. Even if you are planning on breast feeding, baby bottles can get you out of trouble in lots of situations. Add to the registry ones with a fun design to take them with you when you go out. You can buy more if you need after the baby is born, when you have a better idea of exactly how many you’ll need.

2. BABY BOTTLE STERILIZER. I’ve heard that if you are thinking of using formula, you might need to sterilize at least 7 bottles a day. Even moms that are breast feeding, don’t get away without having to sterilize bottles at least once a day. So, no matter what, baby bottle sterilizer could save your day! I think I would prefer the electric one, some of them are not that expensive and really easy to use.

3. BOTTLE WARMER. I have heard different opinions about the bottle warmers. Some moms think bottle warmers are not needed, other moms can not live without them. The other day I saw one that can be plugged into a wall outlet or the car, it sounded useful, have you used them?

4. BREAST PUMP. If you are breastfeeding your baby, chances are you want to give him/her the benefits of breast milk even when you’re not available, so a breast pump can be a great help in those situations. Also if you’re breastfeeding you may have to pump if you’re away from your baby or your baby isn’t eating enough. Now the question is, which one is better? an electric or manual? I found this article really helpful, it might answer a lot of your questions.

5. BREASTFEEDING PILLOW. My friend bought one of those pillows and cannot live without it. I had the opportunity to used it the day I went to visit her newborn baby. They are very comfortable especially if you sit for a long time with the baby in your lap.

6. DIAPERS. Adding diapers on a baby registry might seem to be something strange, but why? They are for sure, one of the things you need from day one and surely you will use for months and months to come. Our favorites are the Huggies® Little Snugglers. Their GentleAbsorb* liner provides a cushiony layer of protection to help draw mess away from the baby’s delicate newborn skin. They also have one of the things that may save my life as new mom who could definitely use some help, a moisture indicator that will let me know when it’s time for a change. Visit for a free sample. That way you can see how awesome they are.

7. PORTABLE CHANGING PAD. I gave one of these at a recent baby shower and they thanked me for it a thousand times. They are small, portable and allow you to lay the baby down anywhere when they need a change. You can also find really cool and colorful designs!

8. WIPES. The wipes are another essential for your baby. Fortunately, Huggies® has a great option for us. Their Natural Care wipes have a simple and natural formula with aloe and vitamin E that is perfect for gentle cleansing, and they smell delicious!

9. BABY CARRIER. My husband can’t stop talking about the day he will be able to take the baby for a walk in the carrier. They have them in lots of fabrics, designs and textures. We are so excited to look for the one we love!

10. BABY SWING. They are not that expensive and can be very helpful. You can leave the baby in the swing while you are cooking or taking a bath. You might need one more than you think.

11. BABY BATH KIT & ACCESSORIES. There are some great kits that include towels, shampoo, soap and sponges, they are inexpensive and a great and useful gift.

12. DIAPER BAG.  So excited to find one with lots of colors and space!

13. BLANKETS. Blankets are adorable and you can not get enough. You might need one or two of the swaddle blankets as well.

14. BURP CLOTHS. I’ve heard that you never have enough burp cloths and towels. These can basically be used to clean almost any baby related mess.

15. THERMOMETER. Any tips on how to choose a great thermometer?

16. PACIFIERS. I’m really excited to add to the registry a couple of fun and adorable pacifiers.

17. PLAY MAT/GYM. These playmats are a great interactive way to put your baby to play and exercise at the same time. I’m thinking of something colorful and fun for my little boy.

18. BABY NAIL SCISSORS OR CLIPPERS. One of the things that scares me the most is clipping the baby’s nails, anybody with me? A good kit that looks easy to use is what I would be happy to find.

19. TEETHING TOYS. With so many toy options, it’s going to be difficult to add just one or two to the baby registry, right?

20. CLOTHES. I have found that you will always get clothes in your baby shower even if you don’t ask for them, it’s just irresistible! But you can add some to the baby registry for some nicer pieces for special occasions.

I left out the list all of those big things that sometimes are too expensive to ask for at a baby shower. For all those awesome / big things like your dream bassinet, crib, baby carrier, stroller or car seat including everything else you wish you could add to your baby registry, but simply can’t, Huggies® is giving you the opportunity to make your dreams come true. The only thing you need to do is add the amazing Huggies® Little Snugglers and Natural Care Wipes to your baby registry and register your wish at, it’s that easy!

Huggies Little Snugglers

Hope this list gives you an idea of all those things you might need as a first time mom. I am not an expert, at least not yet, and this is just what I have learned through my friends and family so I would love to hear what you think? What would you add to the list?


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