A Look Back to the Past

A look back to the past. The best of 2014 | Live Colorful

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s Eve. For me this holiday break flew by really fast, we were just too busy. Starting with our move to a new apartment just a few days before Christmas. We dedicated our vacations to emptying boxes and arranging everything in the new place. We also spent the first few days buying furniture and things that we needed for the baby’s arrival. I wanted to take advantage of my husband’s free time so he could help carry all the heavy things.

I do remember a couple of nights watching TV, assembling Ikea furniture and eating pizza. It was definitely fun and quite exciting, especially when we began to see the nursery coming to life.

It was last Thursday when we finally sat down on the couch and discovered that we had already erased the important things from our shopping list. That morning we sat down and watched movies all day.

On Friday and Saturday we went for a walk around a park in the area, though without much success. Between the cold and my current situation (35 weeks pregnant), we did not get very far. That’s when I discovered that I would be happy if I could spend entire next month sitting on the couch, I think I’ve reached that stage of pregnancy where I just feel heavy and uncomfortable all the time.

Well, after all the work we had to do around the apartment, I can’t complain about Christmas and New Year’s Eve. For Christmas I dared to make tamales for the first time! We spent most of the day cooking, but the reward came when we got to eat those deliciously warm tamales. Then we welcomed the new year from the comfort of our couch. We cooked a delicious dinner, toasted with apple cider and watched fireworks on the TV. Not the craziest Yew Year’s Eve we’ve had, but perhaps the most nostalgic, the last one we will be spending alone.

2014 was an amazing year! It was a year of growth and confidence in which I had the opportunity to attend a couple of local events (BlogHer 2014, Re: Make 2014, the Blog Party at Polyvore), meet local bloggers (Wiking Brunch, Blog Party, Re: Make, BlogHer), work with new companies (Huggies®Mary Kay®La Marca ProseccoKleenex®Goodwill,  eBay, Pier 1 Imports, Red Buffalo TradingPlaid Crafts, Martha Stewart Crafts®,  Sherwin Williams, Sears), collaborate with talented bloggers whom I admire greatly (Vanessa from The Queen of Swag, Club Chica Circle, Mod Podge Rocks) and some great features (Gift Magazine March 2014, BlogHer).

Some of my favorite memories and posts from 2014 are these:

A look back to the past. The best of 2014 | Live Colorful

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A look back to the past. The best of 2014 | Live Colorful

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Now that 2015 has started, I cannot be more thankful and hopeful. This is the year in which I will become a mommy and with all those personal dreams, there is a list of things I want to accomplish with Live Colorful as well. 2015 needs to be full of fun projects and lots and lots of color!


One thing I wanted to share with you is that I started new social media accounts. Now you can find me on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google +, Facebook @livecolorfulco. These accounts are dedicated to sharing colorful decor and style ideas, diy, inspiration and everything else related to the blog.

You can still find me on Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest @elbavalverde, where I will share more about my life and personal interests.

I thought that this year would be a good time to separate my personal life and my professional life, since I’m sure a lot of you are going to get tired of me posting pictures of my baby all the time or maybe you want to see more of that little guy!

We also made a few changes to the blog layout. The mobile version works the same, but on the tablet and desktop you are going to discover that the main menu is on the top. We also expanded the content area, we believe it looks cleaner and it’s easier to read. Let us know what you think.

Finally, I could not thank you enough for your support, your comments, your advice and for reading and sharing content from Live Colorful. None of my dreams could came true without you so I would like to dedicate my new year to inspire you to start a colorful lifestyle of your own, a life full of color, smiles, and beautiful things!

Thanks and best of the best for 2015, it’s going to be an awesome year!

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  1. Uncustomary says:

    Aw, I’m sorry you’re feeling uncomfortable all the time! I’m glad you were able to reflect on 2014 in a positive way. Thanks for this burst of color!

    Uncustomary Art.

  2. Meghan Silva says:

    Hope this year ahead brings even more fun growths and many happy moments.

    Meg | Meghan Silva’s Blog

  3. Corlie says:

    What a lovely colorful year 2014 was! I look forward to seeing pics of your new bubs on your IG feed, but will definitely follow the new ones too. This separation is also something I wanted to set up for this year, to keep life and business a bit more separate xxx

    • My personal life and the blog are really tied together, but sometimes there are things that might confuse or bore people, like baby pictures ha ha.
      What I have to say is that it’s definitely hard work, because you need to do everything twice and social media can be tiring sometimes. Hopefully I will get used to doing it faster 🙂 and I plan to share a lot about the blog on my personal account as well, and some personal stuff i\on the other one… let’s see which one works better 🙂

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