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Daydreaming: Project Nursery

Daydreaming: Project nursery | Live Colorful

Hello friends! Today is one of those days that feels perfect for daydreaming, so I will do exactly that and talk about my plans and dreams for my baby’s nursery.

During the holiday break we bought all the furniture we needed for the nursery, the crib, dresser and something that worked as a changing table. We also added a sofa bed in the room because well, we live in a 950 square foot apartment with only two rooms, so the nursery is going to have to work as a guest room as well. We weren’t that excited about it at first, but we found a small sofa bed that fits the space perfectly.

Good thing baby clothes and accessories are small, so we were able to store everything in the dresser. All the diapers, wipes and cleaning accessories fit perfectly in the drawers in what is going to be our changing table.

That piece of furniture is one of those awesome multipurpose Ikea pieces. To make it tall enough, we measured a changing table in the store and added some extra legs. I think it is going to work great and when the baby grows, we can use it as storage for toys and other things in his room.

Although the space is ready for the baby, at least functionally, it does not look like my dream nursery.

To fill it with color and make it look fun, I’ve been looking for color inspiration and DIY projects on the web.

One way to describe the perfect room for my baby boy would be: fun, colorful and educational.

I would love to see lots of colors in it, geometric shapes, modern and clean finishes and a few animals to make my husband happy, for some reason he’s obsessed with zoos. All he asked was that I included some animals in the decorations, especially monkeys.

Daydreaming: Project nursery | Live Colorful


I want to fill the wall where the crib is with colored dots (Above #1), something like this. I also want to add one or two prints on that wall (Below #4). I have been looking for my favorites in Minted and Etsy. I am in love with these four: Heirloom Apple by Alexandra Stafford / Sticks and Stones by Lyndsay Johnson/ Heirloom Pear by Alexandra Stafford / Alphabet Wall Art by 7WonderDesign

Daydreaming: Project nursery | Live Colorful

I bought a really simple crib with the idea to paint it, and also because I didn’t like the other cribs I saw in the store, for my little boy I just wanted something different. I still need to decide which color to paint the crib, maybe blue or yellow? Which one do you like better?

Daydreaming: Project nursery | Live Colorful

For wall behind the sofa bed, I have a colorful DIY project in mind. I want to hang some wooden squares and paint them in different colors to highlight some shelves with books and toys (Above #3). I also found some handcrafted wooden toys that I love, and this scrabble letters for the wall.

For the other wall, the one with the dresser I still can’t decide (Below #5), what do you think would look nice? More prints, family pictures, books? Or should I make a cute garland like this one?

Daydreaming: Project nursery | Live Colorful

So far this is what I have. I’ll keep sharing the projects I’m working on so you can follow the process. I’m so excited to finish the whole room, it’s going to be so much fun!

Children’s rooms are always exciting and fun to plan, there are so many creative things you can do with them, right?

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  1. Corlie says:

    I love your ideas! Those soft yellows and blues go really well together. We also bought loads of animal stuff back from SA, a mobile, some carved wood animals and also two awesome knitted ones, a lion and a tiger. All I’m desperately wanting now is a black and white stripes rug that looks like a zebra hehe. But we’ve got loads to do still, paint the wall and put up shelves etc…

    • I understand, we still have a lot to do! Right now I’m hoping to find a cute mobile for the crib, maybe with some monkeys or something like that. I also want to add the dots on the wall this week and start the other project with the square panels that I have on mind. It’s exciting! I can’t wait to see your nursery, I’m sure it’s going to be lovely.

  2. Oh my goodness. Is that your color palette? That’s just brilliant. You always inspire me with how daring you are with colors. Can’t wait to see the end result… getting close to the end (or should I say beginning?). You must be so excited!! Fun times are about to begin. Yay! 😀

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